Who makes the best paper shredder?

Who makes the best paper shredder?

So who does make the best paper shredder? Interesting question as there are quite a few brands available online to buy.

The important thing is using one is the best investment you can make to prevent identity theft. Another fact is that years ago, you only had a strip-cut shredder and now you get access to crosscut shredders and micro-cut shredder models.

Who makes the best paper shredder? 1
Who makes the best paper shredder?

Each machine offers you different features from cutting paper into long strips, short, thin strips, to tiny diamond bits. We can think of a couple of manufacturers that do stand out from the rest.

These suppliers provide you shredders with P-4 to P-7 security to make sure no one can assemble the documents you have shredded.

Therefore, instead of providing you with specific models, we will advise you more about the trade names making the best paper shredders on the market for you to buy.

The Brands that Make the Best Paper Shredders

Here you can find information on some of the top brands available, making high-quality paper shredders:

Aurora Corp

The brand established itself in 1975 when it started manufacturing calculators with full service of different office machines. Recently they have become one of the top paper shredder suppliers providing a wide distribution of office machines worldwide.

Furthermore, they provide innovative and unique features:

  • ShredSafe – the technology auto powers off the machine when detecting forced entry and prevents accidents from happening
  • TouchGuard Safety – the shredder stops operating when detecting objects to close to the safety perimeter limit
  • AntiClog – the sensor monitors overloading and goes into auto reverse to prevent paper jams
  • Auto-restart – the machine wakes up when you place a sheet of paper in the feeding slot without using power
  • Energy Saving – when the shredders idle it automatically powers off to save power
  • Advanced Cooling System – offers a continues run time and prevents the motor overheating
  • Auto Reverse – the majority of the micro-cut shredders comes with the function to help remove jammed paper


The corporation has been around for more than 80-years, and their paper shredders used worldwide. They provide offices to industrial businesses with office machines. The appliance is easy to use and offers custom-fit functionality.

The paper shredders certified under ISO 9001:2008 standards helping with administration and manufacturing workflow. Some of the standout features available are as follow:

  • Safety Protection System – the shredder has electronically controlled functions with a transparent safety flap for protection
  • EasySwitch – show the operational status with different color codes with auto-reverse, power cut-off, and more
  • Cell Controlled start and stop with paperclip proof cutting shafts


For the best paper shredder, the Fellowes brand is a definite buy. The company has some of the renowned paper shredders available in the world. The company started back in 1917 and still going strong.

They provide office machines for home, businesses, and heavy-duty workloads. Here are some of these paper shredders unique features:

  • Automatic Shredding – load the shredder and walk away so that the machine does the rest for you
  • SmartLock – you can lock the system with a four-digit code preventing access to documents when not at the machine
  • Jam Prevention – the paper shredder has auto-reverse, sleep mode, an auto shut-off, and more
  • Comes with Continuous Run Time, Silent Shred Function, and a fantastic two-year warranty


General Binding Corporation, also known as GBC, is famous for its quality paper shredders. They make from small shredders for the home to small businesses and larger ones able to handle heavy-duty jobs. Some of the features available in their collection are as follows:

  • Continuous Duty Motors – you can use the shredder all day without it needing a cooldown time
  • High Shredding Speeds – the paper shredders designed with greater through-put to work at faster speeds
  • JamStopper Electronics – made with solid one-piece cutters to shred paperclips and staples without jamming
  • Auto on/off – to save power and has SmartShred Electronics to keep you informed about the status of the machine


The company produces and sells paper shredders worldwide. The brand established itself in 1971 and still going strong. They do not only sell shredders but shredder balers, cutting machines and more.

Here are some of these machines highlighted features:

  • Continuous Data Destruction – the papers shredders made of heavy-duty and high-security workloads
  • Automatic Feed – offers a wide selection of auto-feed ranging from 150 to 500 sheets of paper at a time
  • Dual Function – you can use the machine in manual and auto-feed
  • Hard Steel Cutting Rollers – you can shred staples to paperclips with the equipment
  • Auto Reverse – handles paper jams by itself as it automatically reverses paper when detecting a paper jam

Final Thoughts

These are some of the brands making the best paper shredder sold online. However, we believe no matter how strong the trade name; the after-sale service is just as outstanding no matter where you find yourself in the world. All of the above companies offer exceptional after-sales service no matter where you buy the paper shredder globally.


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