Effortless Sentinel Paper Shredder – Micro Cut 12-Sheet Sentinel FM120P

Effortless Sentinel Paper Shredder – Micro Cut 12-Sheet Sentinel FM120P

The Sentinel Paper Shredder equipped with a twelve sheet micro-cut blade shredder that can deal with medium to heavy-duty tasks in offices and homes.

With the confetti cut, it provides optimum security to destroy personal data. You can use it to get rid of discs, credit cards, and unwanted documents. However, is this shredder made for your needs? Let us look closer and see!

Design of the Sentinel Paper Shredder – FM120P

The office machine comes with an auto start/stop function, and you can leave it and once ready feed it with paper, cards, or CDs.

There is a manual reverse button for jams, and you do not have to remove paper clips or staples saving you time. You can feed through up to twelve pieces of A4 paper at a time and emptying the bin is simple.

The wastebasket has a capacity of 5 gallons and needs no additional bags.

Design of the Sentinel FM120P - Sentinel Paper Shredder
Design of the Sentinel FM120P Shredder

The container slides out for cleaning and for moving the machine it has wheels at the bottom — additionally, the units equipped with an over-heat indicator to protect the motor and shuts off automatically.

There is a separate shredding slot for credit cards and discs to prevent the other blades from deteriorating faster. The security level is four and shreds at a speed of 72-sheets per minute.

The operation is user-friendly and the noise levels tolerable and works quietly.

Furthermore, the container has a viewing window to keep an eye on the shredding before you need to empty it. Another highlight is that it runs continuously for up to two minutes before it needs a cool down. You can find more options for a micro-cut paper shredder and Cross-cut paper shredder with best features an attractive price.

Ease of Use

What makes the shredder stand out is the over-heat indicator telling you when it is time for the machine to take a rest. The device is decent, and even the bin takes longer to fill up depending on the shredding jobs you do.

Cleaning the unit’s simple with the pull out drawer.

There is no need for using shredding bags to collect the waste paper, but if you prefer you can use one to make cleaning more comfortable.

The article feeds through the slot automatically, and you do not need to guess where to place the card or CD for shredding as it has dedicated slots.

You receive the office machine securely packed; the setup is a breeze as the wheels attached. With the castors, you can move the appliance from one room to another without hurting your back.

Main Features:

  • Shreds 12 pieces of paper at a time and can destroy cards and discs as well
  • Made with a micro cut design providing you with an optimum level P4 security
  • Has auto start/stop, manual reverse, and over-heat indicator
  • The pull out basket has a capacity of five gallons
  • Moves with wheels from one place to another
  • The run time is two minutes
  • One year warranty
  • The machine measures 13.7-inches in length by 10.4-inches wide and stands 19.2-inches tall

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Great to use in a small office environment and home
  • Works well with large stacks of paper
  • Prevents identity theft
  • Can use it to cut plastic and steel
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Affordable
  • Works quiet
  • Shuts off automatically when the motor gets hot

Why Not Buy

  • Has a considerable waste bin but might not be suitable to use if you have a large business

Customer Feedback

Overall consumers are pleased with the micro-cut shredder to help prevent ID theft.

The machine according to different users is a beast, and they are confident that no one will get hold of their personal information using the shredder.

People love the fact that it eats through paper quickly and the equipped wheels make moving the appliance more comfortable.

The viewing window is large, and the slide-out bin for disposing of waste is fantastic. The only complaint is the storage bin could be more significant.

Effortless Sentinel Paper Shredder - Micro Cut 12-Sheet Sentinel FM120P 1

Final Thoughts

With the Sentinel Paper Shredder – FM120P Micro-Cut Shredder, there is no need of getting nervous when you feed through twelve sheets of paper.

The motor does slow down but provides a fast shredding speed. Removing waste is simple with the pullout basket, and it can handle a massive volume of paper saving you time in cleaning.

The shredder works quiet and shuts off when it overheats to prevent the motor from burning out. Therefore, if you are interested, you can get the best micro-cut shredder at an affordable price.

You can use it in your small home office to make sure all sensitive items destroyed before reaching the recycling plant or landfill.