Royal PX1201 Best Cross-Cut Paper Shredder on Wheels Review

Royal PX1201 Best Cross-Cut Paper Shredder on Wheels Review

To maximize document shredding you need the Royal PX1201 Paper Shredder to get the job done.

The twelve-sheet shredder can rip through credit cards and disks as well. Now you do not need concerns that anyone will steal your identification as it cuts paper into small pieces.

The machine is a necessary item to have for any office or home.

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Royal PX1201 Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Royal 12 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder PX1201

With the Royal 12 sheet cross cut paper shredder with pullout basket from Royal, you can get rid of old paperwork without dealing with identity theft.

Furthermore, the unit has a 5.28-gallon pullout wastebasket with a viewing window to monitor the level of waste inside. For ease of use, this slim paper shredder paper shredder on wheels will help to move it from one room to another.

Design of the Royal PX1201 Shredder (Custom)
Design of the Royal PX1201 Shredder

Alternatively, it comes with an integrated lock system to keep the machine stable when shredding. You can use the equipment up to ten minutes before it needs a cool down.

On the other hand, it even slices through paper clips and staples saving you time to get the job done.

The apparatus starts and stops when detecting articles in the feeder and comes with a separate slot to destroy plastic cards and discs.

The shredder has a streamlined design to fit in anywhere and takes up little space at 13.75 by 10 x 18.25-inches the best slim paper shredder. When the appliance detects a paper jam, it stops and comes with auto-reverse.

The unit is equipped with a 7/8 HP motor providing excellent performance when used and quiet.

Ease of Use

Using the Royal 12 sheet paper shredder is simple and needs to correct assembly for it to work. When received you need to make sure the heads placed correctly on the wastebasket.

Further, you need to attach the casters in place, and you are ready to use the machine.

Once the cords plugged in with the on/off button depressed the LED will light up and is ready to use. Once you feed paper through the slot, it starts to shred and stops when done.

There are three buttons available on top of the unit on/off, forward, and reverse.

You can feed through the paper with a width of up to 8 5/8-inches, and for shredding envelopes, receipts, and credit cards, you need to use the middle of the slot opening.

Once it reaches the ten minutes of use, you will need to leave it to cool down for up to 20-minutes. Otherwise, it gets overheated and automatically shut the shredding work.

Furthermore, you get a year warranty on the product and three years on the cutters.

Main Features:

  • The Royal crosscut shredder weighs 27 lbs and has a dimension of 13.75 by 10 x 18.25-inches to fit into small spaces – A slim paper shredder
  • Paper shredder with wheels
  • The shredder capacity is 12-sheets per pass and equipped with a 7/8 HP motor
  • You can use it hands-free with automatic stop/start and shreds through the paper, plastic cards, and discs
  • The wastebasket capacity is 5.28 gallon and has a transparent viewing window with pullout design
  • There are three modes on/off, forward, and reverse
  • Shreds paper into 5/32-inch by one ¼ -inch size
  • Made with a photosensor to prevent accidentally destroying pictures
  • Comes with locking casters for maneuverability
  • You get a year warranty on the product and three years on the cutter
  • You can use it for ten minutes and needs a 20-minute cooldown

After reading this Royal Paper Shredder Reviews, Why Should You Buy It?

  • You can shred unopened mail quickly
  • Royal cross cut paper shredder will Shreds twelve-sheets of paper comfortably without any problems
  • Compact and the waste bin pull out easily for cleaning
  • Has decent safety features
  • Starts and stops when it detects items in the slot
  • Made with a separate chute for destroying CDs

Why Not Buy

  • Not good at shredding discs at all and you need to use the reverse and forward function the whole time

Customer Feedback

Everywhere you look consumers found the Royal PX1201 shredder to be a decent shredder. However, people do recommend not feeding through twelve-sheets of paper at a time as you notice the motor slowing down.

Furthermore, users found the unit did not do well at shredding discs but fared well with destroying envelopes, credit cards, and more.

Some clients found they could use the machine for up to half-an-hour before it needed a cool down. Alternatively, they found the bin pulls out with ease and seldom jams the paper.

Another added feature is that the unit shuts off when the container is full.

Final Thoughts

The Royal PX1201 crosscut shredder we would recommend for home use. If you do not have loads of shredding to do daily, the machine will serve you well.

The best solution is to use the shredder with eight sheets of paper instead of twelve.

Furthermore, if you need an office machine that can shred through discs well, we recommend you look at the micro-cut shredders reviewed here.

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However, if you still feel the crosscutting model can handle your workload—it will provide you with light-duty cycles to rid your home of clutter daily.