Royal HD1400MX Crosscut Shredder Review

Royal HD1400MX Crosscut Shredder Review

Compared to a micro-cut shredder the Royal HD1400MX crosscut model is capable of handling large shredding jobs.

The machine is capable of handling a maximum capacity of fourteen sheets but recommends using it with a twelve stack instead to prevent it from slowing down.

You can use it to feed through junk mail and does not come with manufacturing flaws or durability issues. However, if you do not believe us read the review and decide for yourself if the piece of equipment is for you.

Design of the Royal HD1400MX Shredder

The HD1400MX has an hourglass design with slide-out the bin and looks stylish in any office or home. The unit is comfortable to use and maintain.

The feed opening is eight ¾ -inches wide and located on the front making feeding through of paper simpler. You can use it continuously for up to an hour before it needs cooling down.

Design of the Royal HD1400MX Shredder
Design of the Royal HD1400MX Shredder

You can move the machine from one room to another with the locking casters and is perfect for personal and business use.

The equipment has a crosscut cutter with P-3 security level made to prevent identity theft of private documents, credit cards, and discs.

There are separate slots to place discs and credit cards for destroying. Furthermore, it comes with a 6.2-gallon wastebasket with a metal mesh-viewing window.

The knives cut articles up to 5/32-inches by one ½ -inches. You can use it to shred up to 55 sheets per minute.

What makes the wastebasket so lovely is it pulls out quickly to empty, and the front is transparent to see when the bin is full.

On the other hand, the shredding slot has an angled lip for feeding paper, and you can keep it standing under the desk.  Using the machine is simple with the three buttons available.

You can switch it on/off and use the forward or reverse for paper jams. Further, there are three lights next to the slot indicating whether the appliance is on, overheating, or overloaded.

The motor has a low pitch sound but the grating sound by the blades noticeable, but not too disturbing.

Ease of Use

Whether you want to shred paper, staples, paper clips, credit cards, or discs, the Royal HD1400MX can handle anything.

You have no problem with overheating and can use it for up to two hours at the most before it needs cooling down.

The bin has a reasonable size to hold enough paper waste, but does require occasional emptying and best to use with waste bags.

However, the transparent window and pull out construction makes cleaning the wastebasket easy.

You can feed through unopened mail that is not more than fourteen sheets thick and handles it well without jamming. Furthermore, it is quiet compared to other crosscut models available.

Main Features:

  • Provides a P-3 security level with the crosscut design and shreds articles into 5/32-inch by one ½-inch bit and pieces
  • Can use it for up to an hour before you need to leave it to cool down
  • You can shred paper, discs, credit cards, staples, and paper clips
  • Has a separate slot for the destroying cards and DVD/CDs
  • Made with a 6.2-gallon pullout bin with transparent viewing window
  • Has casters for moving and locks in place
  • Comprise auto start/stop and has a 14 sheet capacity
  • Designed with an hourglass shape and fits comfortably under a desk
  • Measures 16.8 x 13.3 x 20.9-inches and weigh 16 pounds
  • Consists of auto shredding for hands-free use and comes with overload and overheat protection
  • Include a year warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • There is no overheating compared to using a smaller shredder
  • Can shred unopened mail as long as it is not more than 14 sheets thick
  • Quiet and suitable for a small office environment
  • Can use it for a long time without the need of leaving it to cool down
  • Provides a reasonable security level to destroy personal documents, credit cards, and discs
  • No need for removing staples or small paper clips
  • Made with anti-jam protection
  • Stops and starts when it detects articles in the feeder

Why Not Buy

  • Emptying the basket is a bit messy

Customer Feedback

On average consumers, love the Royal HD1400MX for its versatility. The fact that you can destroy DVDs, CDs, credit cards, and paper is a helpful feature to have.

For safety, they like the auto stop/start preventing unnecessary accidents and even equipped with a photosensor. With the sensor, it helps keep cherished pictures from accidental shredding.

The reverse function and auto stop makes removing jams simpler and offers hands-free use.

Final Thoughts

Do you need the best-crosscut shredder, look no further than the Royal HD1400MX model? You get fantastic features offering the versatility to use with paper, plastic, and metal.

The wastebasket removes comfortably with the pullout design, and the motor does not overheat quickly.

Furthermore, you can use it at home and a small business environment without bothering another person when it comes to noise.

Royal HD1400MX Crosscut Shredder Review 1

Lastly, compared to other shredders with a crosscut design this one is unique in its own right with the dedicated CD shredding slot.

Make sure to check it out and decide if the machines made for your shredding needs.