Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder Review

Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder Review

There is no need of working through piles of paper manually if you can use the Royal 1840MX crosscut shredder instead.

You can save time and energy to take on other important tasks with this machine. You can shred up to 18-sheets of paper with a single pass and destroy credit cards and discs at the same time.

The office machine is ideal for a home to small business use with its ultra-quiet motor and reasonably sized wastebasket. Is there more what the eye sees with this device? Let us find out!

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Royal 1840 MX Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Royal 1840MX Crosscut Shredder Design

The Royal 1840MX office machine offers you a reasonable level of security when it comes to shredding confidential documents. The unit is fantastic and comes packed with incredible features.

The office accessory has a black and silver look and can run for up to 40-minutes before it needs a cool down.

The wastebasket load capacity is 8 ½ gallons and comes with a pullout mechanism. The blades have a crosscut construction to shred papers, discs, and credit cards.

Royal 1840MX Crosscut Shredder Design (Custom)
Royal 1840MX Crosscut Shredder Design

The shredding time is five seconds and quick, and once it needs a cool off the time, it takes up to 40-minutes.

The feed opening is eight ¾ -inches to feed through items and comes with a separate slot for cutting cards or discs. Furthermore, it has wheels for moving from one place to another.

The unit weighs 39.7 lbs and lightweight if you do need to pick it up. On the device, you get an on/off button and LED light indicators.

There is a reverse mode for removing paper jams and automatically feeds the paper through when placed in the slot. If you want to snip up credit cards, CDs, or envelopes you need to put it in the center of the slot.

Once the wastebasket is full, the light indicates that you need to empty it.

We recommended that you remove the paper clips and staples before shredding and if you want to change the direction manually, it is best to pause it long enough to help the motor stop.

For safety precaution, the shredder has an auto motor overload protection and stops overheating or overloaded.

The indicator lights light up with a paper jam as well. There is an auto-reverse, stop, and start and comes with a five-year warranty on the blades and motor.

Ease of Use

For the most part, the Royal paper shredder offers you peace of mind and shreds fast. In general, it does not jam as often as other crosscut machines and does sound a bit like a Boeing that lands on gravel.

The shredding is excellent, and you can feel assured that no one will be able to read your documents once disposed.

As mentioned, there are separate slots for feeding through paper and discs. Once the unit detects a jam, it goes off and automatically goes into reverse.

Setting up the piece of equipment is a breeze, and all you need to do is attach the casters included. Once positioned, you need to make sure the wastebaskets entirely inserted and the on/off buttons depressed.

The LED lights up notifying you that the machine is ready to use. To switch the device on or off you can find the buttons within reach on the top of the unit.

Cleaning the waste bin is a breeze with the pullout design and can hold a lot of snipped up paper before you need to empty it.

One thing’s you are getting a great design with functionality to shred through piles of paper quickly.

Main Features:

  • Part of the platinum series and has a run time and cooling downtime of 40-minutes
  • Made with a commercial crosscut blade
  • The wastebasket capacity is eight ½-gallons and pulls out for cleaning
  • Compact and fist right beside the desk and you can shred up to 18-sheets of paper
  • You can use it to cut up discs and plastic cards
  • Shreds the sheets in five seconds
  • Has separate slots for the article and CDs/Cards
  • Works ultra quiet and has auto start/stop with reverse function
  • Comprise a classic console design
  • Made with a jam-free rolled and castors for mobility
  • Five-year warranty on the cutter

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Does not slow down when feeding through 18-sheets of paper
  • Has a long working time
  • Excellent warranty on the motor and cutter
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A workhorse and cuts through items fast
  • You do not need to lubricate it leaving you with one less thing to worry about
  • Not noisy at all
  • Can fit a bag into the wastebasket
  • Can shred through a paper, credit cards, and discs
  • Has an auto stop/start with a reverse function for paper jams

Why Not Buy

  • There are not many negative points except that the auto stop/start button stops working after years of use

Customer Feedback

Bad reviews are very scarce on the Royal 1840MX as it only received terrific feedback. There are hundreds of consumers more than pleased with the product.

Once the user had bought their machine in 2014, and it just started giving problems in 2017 as the auto shutoff function stopped working.

Therefore, if you want a reliable high-security shredder to work through piles of the post in your home, this is the one to get.

Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder Review 2

Final Thoughts

The Royal 1840MX is one of the best paper shredders you can buy online. With the attention to detail available in the machine, it makes a huge difference.

You can quickly shred through loads of paper, cards, and discs. With the separated slot, you do not need to judge where to place the items, and it stops automatically if ever it jams.

You can use it to destroy sensitive documents in the large wastebasket and comes with a transparent viewing window on the front. Furthermore, it comes with a full bin alarm.

So instead of throwing your cut up will, deeds, CDs, and credit cards away prevent identity theft with one of these shredders standing in the home.

The classic console structure fits in with any home or office environment, and it sells at an affordable price.