Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Stunning Cross Cut Royal Paper Shredder

Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Stunning Cross Cut Royal Paper Shredder

In today’s busy environment, you need a reliable office machine to handle small to medium-sized Paper Shredding jobs. The fantastic news is we have the best-crosscut shredder to help you achieve exactly this, the Royal 112MX – Royal Paper Shredder.

The other unbelievable thing is it does more than shred paper. You can use it to destroy plastic cards and discs making it a reliable option to use in the office or home.

Now you can have high security when removing the pile of credit cards stacked at home without someone robbing your identity. However, is this all that the machine has to offer? Let us look and see!

Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Stunning Cross Cut Royal Paper Shredder 1
Royal 112 MX Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Construction of the Royal 112MX Cross Cut Shredder

A Royal Paper Shredder with cross-cut shredding blade is a favorite machine found in businesses. The reason for not using a strip-cut one instead leaves you with security risks when destroying the confidential document.

With the design, you have high security as it makes it difficult for someone to assemble the document. However, it may not be as good as your micro-cut model; it still does an excellent job at shredding personal articles.

Royal Paper Shredder - Royal 112MX Cross-Cut Shredder (Custom)
Royal Paper Shredder – Royal 112MX Cross-Cut Shredder

With the cross-sectional cut, the unit cuts up paper into small pieces that are 5/32 x 1-5/8-inches.

With the equipment, you can shred 12-sheets of paper at a steady pace with one pass. For more natural feeding of the document, it has a 9-inch slot, takes a simple hold, and let go as you watch the beast eat up the paper.

The office piece has a powerful ½ horsepower motor to feed through the paper or plastic.

Furthermore, you can feed through plastic and disks in the provided slot making it safer to use. Another highlight is the 3.25-gallon wastebasket that accommodates up to 220-sheets of paper.

Depending on the type of business you have, it only needs occasionally emptying in the week.

To make cleaning the wastebasket easier it has a slide-out design, and you can easily see how full it is through the viewing window on the front.

Ease of Use

The waste bin of this Royal Paper Shredder might not be the biggest, but the Royal 112MX has some other helpful features as well. First, the machine has an auto start/stop function.

There is no need of switching it off when you discontinue shredding as it does it automatically. Furthermore, it feeds the paper through automatically so that your hands do not touch the blades.

There is an auto-reverse for paper jams compared to other models that work with manual reverse. For moving the unit, it has casters at the bottom.

The max capacity of shredding is two minutes, and it will need up to four minutes to cool down. Have a look at these Cross Cut Paper Shredder or Micro Cut Paper Shredder for more details.

Main Features:

  • You can use the Royal 112MX to shred up to 12-sheet of paper with one pass
  • The machine can destroy plastic and discs
  • There are separated slots for shredding paper, credit cards, and CDs
  • Has a cross-cut design to rip up documents into small pieces
  • Made with a pull out bin with viewing window
  • For ease of moving it has four caster wheels
  • The dimension is 12.25 x 7.5 x 15-inches and weighs 17.80 lbs
  • Designed with auto start/stop and auto reverse
  • You get a year warranty
  • The paper entry slot measures 9-inches
  • Comprise a stylish console structure, and the wastebasket capacity is 3.25-gallons
  • The cord is built-in and comes with the instruction manual

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Offers you high security as it shreds more than paper
  • There is no need of removing the staples
  • Shreds discs and plastic cards in the separate slots
  • Has a viewing window in the basket and is easy to clean with the pull-out design
  • The motor is powerful and makes little noise
  • Moves easily with the wheels

Why Not Buy

  • Takes a while to cool down once the shredder overheats
  • There are no indicator lights to warn you when it gets too hot
  • Trash bin fills up quickly

Customer Feedback

According to users who have used the Royal 112MX cross cut shredder, they are more than pleased with the machine. The users of Royal Paper Shredder is mostly like the separate slots for shredding different items and it has a compact size.

The automatic settings are excellent saving you time, and with the wheels, customers can move it around freely.

All and all consumers have little negative things to say except that the bin fills up quickly and it is a bit noisier than the competitor’s models available in this price range.

Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Stunning Cross Cut Royal Paper Shredder 2

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a home office or small business, the Royal 112MX cross cut shredder will serve you well. The machine is easy to empty, and with the different slots, you can destroy from documents to CDs.

One cannot be too careful these days when it comes to confidentiality and your security. To help make this problem better, it even shreds credit cards for you to prevent ID theft.

So if you need an affordable shredder to use at home check it out today and decide if this one’s made for you.