HSM Shredstar X17 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

HSM Shredstar X17 Cross-Cut Shredder Review

Gone are the days of shredding paper through a massive machine that sounds like it is grinding paper and disturbing the peace.

With the HSM Shredstar X 17, you get a powerful appliance that is ideal for small offices and personal use.

The equipment produces an almost quiet operation and has a compact and portable construction making it easier to carry around.

With the shredder, you can destroy up to 17 sheets with one pass. However, is this all that the Shredstar X17 offers—let us look and see!

Design of the HSM Shredstar X17

The HSM Shredstar X17 has a crosscut design that is suitable to shred personal documents and classified ones. The office machine might not be as high-security as the micro-cut models but still gets the job done.

You can shred as many as 86-sheets in one minute and is fast.

Design of the HSM Shredstar X17
Design of the HSM Shredstar X17

Furthermore, it also destroys plastic and discs as it has a dedicated slot for feeding through DVDs and credit cards.

Alternatively, it comes with a separate wastebasket and prevents overload from taking place.

You can buy the unit in a white or black color to fit in with your lifestyle and another décor as well.

The waste bin holds up to 6.9 gallons of waste and is comfortable to remove and clean.

Further, the X17 comes with a user-friendly interface, and you can use it safely at your home or workplace. Keeping the unit maintained is simple, and it consumes little power when used.

Therefore, if you have a small to medium-sized business the Shredstar X17 will serve you well.

Ease of Use

Whether you plan to replace an older shredder or need a new one, the HSM Shredstar X17 is an affordable buy and easy-to-use.

The important thing is the piece of equipment is safe to use with the automatic start and stop mechanisms. You can feed through paper, metal, and plastic and once it detects a jam, it stops working.

You get a lifetime warranty on the cutting cylinder and make the machine highly recommended among users.

If you happen to feed through more than seventeen sheets of paper, the unit notifies you with the LED indicator light. Furthermore, the display provides you with valuable information on the machine’s status.

You will know when the wastebasket is full and comes with anti-jam technology that automatically reverses the paper.

Customers found the machine works without making too much noise when shredding paper and does not struggle to tear through the paper. The biggest problem is it is top heavy when in need of cleaning.

Main Features

  • The HSM Shredstar X17 has a cross-cut blade to shred through paper, discs, and plastic
  • The weight of the machine is 28.7, and the waste bin is removable
  • The dimension of the unit is 21.7-inches high by 15.6-inches wide with a depth of 11-inches
  • Furthermore, the device has a DIN Security Level of P-4 and suitable for shredding personal to confidential documents
  • The bin capacity is 6.9 gallons and comes with auto start/stop and cuts paper into 5/32 x 1 7/16 size
  • The sheet capacity is 17 and has a shred speed of 9 ft per minute with a feed opening of 9-inches
  • There are separate slots for feeding through the discs and cards
  • Comes with a two year and lifetime warranty on the cutting cylinders
  • Made with LED indicators to inform you of the status of the machine
  • Comprise automatic detection with shutdown when the containers full
  • The duty cycle is 15-minutes and needs a cool down off 30-minutes
  • Another highlighted function is the auto reverse and auto stop/start
  • Comes with jam protection, manual reverse, overload protection, and quiet operation
  • The noise level is 57 dB

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The machine is ideal to use in an office with up to five people
  • Can shred staples, credit cards, paper clips, DVDs and more
  • Comes with a separate feed slot for metal and plastic
  • Has LED indicator lights to display the operating status
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Offers an outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Comes with castors to move with ease and compact
  • The waste container comes with a viewing window
  • Works quiet and will not disturb others

Why Not Buy

  • Not made for considerable office use
  • The machine is a bit heavy and messy to empty the bin

Customer Feedback

When you read the HSM Shredstar X17 reviews online, you find that the majority of users are pleased with the product.

They love the fact that the machine offers continues run time without the need of letting it cool down. The shredder does not overheat easily and runs smoothly at the same speed.

The biggest problem is emptying the wastebasket, as it can be messy. While people found the bin a bit small, they could still fit in garbage bags to make it less tricky for cleaning.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Shredstar X17 is one of the best-crosscut shredders available on the market.

You get a quiet machine to use in a small office or home without disturbing others when used. The unit is comfortable to use and does not lack any features when it comes to use and safety.

You will know when the bin is full for emptying, and it notifies you when the feeders to full.

Furthermore, it automatically shuts off when overloaded and comes with a manual reverse to clear paper jams.

On the other hand, you can shred from paper to discs with the unit without remove staples and paperclips saving you time.

Another benefit when you purchase the shredder HSM gives a $2 donation to Kids Kicking Cancer to help build the charity to help kids in need.

HSM Shredstar X17 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder 1

Go check it out today and play your part in helping sick children today the shredder will not disappoint you.