How to Shred Paper without a Shredder

How to Shred Paper without a Shredder

Paper shredders are made to destroy personal information, preventing identity theft. However, how do you shred paper without a shredder? Here are some practical ways you can destroy personal to confidential documents without using a paper shredder.

How to Shred Paper without a Shredder 1
How to Shred Paper without a Shredder

Destroying Sensitive Documents without a Shredder

Protecting your identity is essential! You need to destroy confidential documents to prevent others from using your social security number, banking details, and more. You can do it in the following ways:

1.     Pulping

With time, you may have loads of documents piling up at home, and you want to get rid of it securely. Take a large trashcan and place the articles in it. Furthermore, the material of the garbage can needs to be durable to withstand the chemicals used in it. Preferably, the waste bin also needs to be higher than 30 liters as you will be dissolving the paper in about 22 liters of liquid.

  • Make sure to remove documents from envelopes and place the paper inside the trashcan.
  • Now pour 2 liters (½ gallon) of bleach over the articles as it helps to break down the paper. Make sure to wear gloves and a facemask to prevent it from making contact with your skin or inhaling.
  • Follow this up with 19 liters (5 gallons) of water as it helps to reduce it to an unrecognized pulp.
  • Once completing the previous step, push the items into the bleach and water mixture. Make sure everything is submerged and saturated to break it down. Now you have two options to work with it you can work in smaller sections or keep working with the current container. If you chose using the larger vessel, ensure that you increase the proportions to match.
  • Furthermore, never use your bare hands to push the paper down instead use a broomstick while wearing long gloves.
  • Leave the mixture for up to 24 hours, as it will break down the particles making it quicker to a pulp.
  • Completing the 24-hour cycle add the pulp to a paint turbine mixture to blend it further.
  • Take the blended pulp and lay it on a plastic tarp to dry completely before disposing of it.
  • Alternatively, you can take the pulp and use it in the garden as mulch. However, we do not recommend using bleach in the pulping process if you plan to go this route.

Now if you do not plan to use it for the garden, you can place the dried pulp into garbage bags for disposal.

2.     Burn Your Sensitive Documents

Everyone has some form of fireplace outdoors and ideal for burning documents as it stands off from the ground. If your one has a top cover even better as it allows for airflow allowing burning the paper completely.

However, before you go this route, check with your city regulations about burning documents in the yard. Start the fire and once lit, start-adding wood for a steady burn.

Place the paper in the fire but do not dump them all at once. Try to burn the paper individually using metal tongs for safety. Once done, check the ashes for particles that have not burned making sure the documents destroyed. You can use the ash in composting units or spread it around your garden.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information on how to shred paper without using a shredder helps you to keep your confidential data away from others. While the above tips can help to keep data safe, using a paper shredder is the best alternative and fast way. However, if you only have a few pages, you need to shred, you can always use scissors or punch to get the job done.