How to Oil a Paper Shredder

How to Oil a Paper Shredder

Is your paper shredder working as it should or has it slowed down and making weird noises? The likeliness is that your machine needs some TLC.

The primary cause the equipment is cutting slower or making wining sounds is dust collected in the rotating blades. The particles and dust generate after a while with the shredding process.

The best way to tack the problems is to give your paper shredder proper oiling. So why do we say this, because regular oiling keeps the system lubricated to extend the use and its performance?

Now you may speculate how often should you do this, and how do you oil a paper shredder? We have news for you! You can find out right here.

How to Oil a Paper Shredder 1
How to Oil a Paper Shredder

What tools do you need to oil a paper shredder?

Before you start oiling the shredder, there are some tools you need:

  • Shredder oil (if your machine is under warranty) or vegetable oil
  • Lubricant Sheets if you want to do it the easy way
  • Shredder bags depending on the brand and model you have

Now that you have the necessary implements, you are thinking, but how often should you oil the shredder? The best answer is to do it when emptying the wastebasket or after excessive use.

Doing this keeps the blade assembly running smooth. Furthermore, it depends on the type of machine you have, as well. If you have a micro-cut shredder, it may need more oiling than a crosscut shredder.

Three Ways of Oiling a Paper Shredder

Here you can find three different ways to oil a paper shredder by using the direct, indirect, or lubricant sheet method.

The direct method of oiling a shredder:

For this technique, you will need a bottle with a long narrow spout as you will be pouring the lubricant into the paper slot. Furthermore, you will need your shredder oil or vegetable oil. Here is how you apply the oil:

  • Take the bottle of oil.
  • Now turn the reverse mode on and let the machine run in this way for up to 20 seconds.
  • Switch off the whole shredder and remove the plug from the wall outlet.
  • Take the bottle and pour the oil into the paper feed slot starting from the left side and working to the right side. Do this in a smooth motion.
  • Plug the machine back on, turn it on, and let it run without using paper for ½ a minute.
  • Take some paper and feed it through to absorb the excess oil on the blades.

Oiling in the indirect method using paper:

Here you will apply the shredder oil to a sheet of white A4 paper in a cross shape direction. Now you place another layer on top of the other one to create a sandwich.

  • You need two A4 sheets of paper.
  • Place the one sheet of paper down on newspaper and apply a thin line with the lubricant from the top left to the bottom. Then do it from the right top to the bottom, making a cross. Leave the article to soak the oil up.
  • Now take your other A4 sheet of paper and place it on top of the oiled side of the other one making a sandwich.
  • Place the paper shredder in reverse for up to 20 seconds.
  • Put the machine back to the normal mode and place the two sheets of paper through the feeding slot. Try to prevent the oil from spilling out.
  • Once you complete the above switch the appliance back to the reverse function to allow the blades to rotate for ½ a minute, now you can pass through two more sheets of paper to remove the excess oil from the knife blade.

Using Lubricant Sheets:

These days’ manufacturers have made things simpler for consumers when it comes to oil a paper shredder. You can buy different brands of lubricant sheets online. The page has a thin structure already lubricated for you to use.

  • Take one oil sheet and keep it on hand.
  • Turn the shredder into the reverse mode for up to 20 seconds.
  • Place the lubricant sheet as usual into the paper slot.
  • Now shred the sheet and turn the machine back to the reverse function for another ½ a minute.

No matter what method you use, we recommend you check the manufacturer’s manual first. If you are not able to find a process in the instructions, we advise you to use the indirect method as it minimalizes oil spillage.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the machine, you have the crosscut shredder needs oiling once a month to keep it working smoothly. If you opted-in buying a micro-cut shredder, you would need to oil the blades regularly as you use it to destroy paper, discs, and credit cards.

As you can see, there are different methods to oiling a shredder and best not to use WD-40 oil as shredding oil and vegetable oil is heat-treated.

If you use a small shredder, you can oil it every other day while larger units you need to oil after using it for up to 30-minutes. Alternatively, you can oil it when you empty the bag.


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