How to Fix Paper Shredder Sensor in 5 Steps

How to Fix Paper Shredder Sensor?

Many paper shredder users may face some problems like auto start/stop machine or even after completing shredding, the machine won’t stop. Do you have this kind of problems? Don’t worry it’s not a big deal. It usually happens with many users. Here is the solution.

How to fix Paper Shredder Sensor in 5 Steps
How to fix Paper Shredder Sensor?

Before we start, we have to understand how automatic paper shredder works. Automatic Paper shredders come with a sensor which senses the paper whenever we fill in it. This sensor is very handy because it will detect the paper and send the signal to turn it on the shredding machine. If there isn’t any paper in the slot, it will automatically turn off the machine and save the electricity.

If the shredder is plugged in, the sensor starts working. The sensor starts shooting the signal and detecting for the paper. Now, this is the place where the problem gets started. If this sensor covered with anything like dust, oil, paper dust or anything between its signal, it will behave like it detects a paper and starts running shredding motor.

This type of problem can be seen on strip-cut and cross-cut shredders. There are two reasons why this problem can be seen on the cross-cut shredder. The first one is cross-cut shredder creates more paper dust and the second reason is it needs more oiling, compare to others.

Do you have cross-cut paper shredder and having this type of sensor problem? This is the reason….

Now, let’s look at the solution. Continues running paper shredder and starting or stopping by its own, it looks like alien things. But the solution is not as complicated as it seems to be.

Electronic Sensor:

Here is how to fix paper shredder sensor:

  1. Safety first, turns off the shredder and unplugged it. Empty the shredder bin. Now look at the paper entry area and try to identify the sensor. It would be at the center of the opening. It will look like marble. This is what we need. Now here is the thing if your shredder has safety flap, you have to flip over it. Otherwise, you will not find the sensor.
  2. Now if you have a blower first use it over the sensor and the blades. The blower will throw away small dust particles and tiny pieces of papers which stuck between blades and on the sensor. This step is optional if you have a blower.
  3. After that, use Q-tip or cotton ball to clean the sensor from any debris, paper dust or oil. Use any tiny and sharp thing like a needle or anything else to clean away any large piece of paper strip or debris.
  4. Again if you have blower just give a quick blow to clean up any chunk of material or dust.
  5. You are good to go. Start the shredder, your shredder would work like a new one.

The above steps will solve the problem most of the time. This is not only the problem-solving tips; it is a part of the regular maintenance of your paper shredding tool.

If your shredder is a kind of model that doesn’t have an electronic sensor like a small deskside shredder which is design for home use then also don’t worry. You can fix it too, on your own. Like electronic sensor, these type of shredder has mechanical sensors.

This mechanical sensor also located in the middle of the paper tray. It looks like a plastic divider. It will depress when papers are on the tray so that it signals the machine to start shredding. After the shredding completed the depress will be at its place and paper shredder will stop shredding. Now, the main thing is that how to identify the mechanical sensor? Normally the sensor is white in color, but they could be gray or black.

Mechanical Sensor:

Now let’s see how to fix paper shredder mechanical sensor:

  1. First, unplug the paper shredder and identify the mechanical sensor.
  2. Use blower if available to give nice vacuum cleaner to remove dust, debris or paper dust.
  3. Find tiny and sharp things to clean sticky junk of paper piece or debris.
  4. Be careful while cleaning it. Don’t too hard on the sensor to void unwanted technical issues.
  5. And that’s done. You have completed your job to clean the mechanical sensor.

That’s it, mission accomplished. In most of the cases, this is the solution. Because this is the most common problem may be seen with any model of paper shredder. I hope this article may helpful to you. If you still have any issues let me know in the comment. I will be happy to help you.

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