Fellowes Shredder: Secure 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Fellowes Powershred H-8C Review

Fellowes Shredder: 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Fellowes Powershred H-8C Review

Do you need the most robust shredder to use at home? You need the Fellowes Shredder H-8C crosscut model.

The machine can shred up to eight sheets per pass and has a small footprint that fits in well with any home office.

Furthermore, compared to some of the Best Crosscut Shredders the Powershred comes with a P-4 security level.

However, is this all that this piece of equipment can offer you? Want to know more read the Powershred H-8C crosscut shredder review that follows here!

Design of the Fellowes Powershred H-8C

Once you lay your eyes on the shredder, the first thing you notice is the size that fits into small spaces with ease. You get a high-security level as the crosscut knives tear paper into 5/32-inch by 1-⅜-inch unreadable pieces.

You can use it to destroy credit cards, discs, paper clips, and staples.

Design of the Fellowes Powershred H-8C
Design of the Fellowes Powershred H-8C

Now you can spend more time on getting the job done than standing to remove staples from the paper. For added security, it comes with a safety lock to disable the machine if needed.

The waste bin is small, holds up to 3.6-gallon waste, and comes with a transparent window.

You can use the appliance for up to three minutes in one sitting and needs a cooldown of 30-minutes. Further, it has a shred speed of 10 FPM, and the feeder is 8.7-inches wide.

The piece of equipment stands 14.25-inches tall and is 12-inches wide with a depth of 7.88-inches.

You can easily place it on or beneath the desk without it taking up loads of space. Furthermore, you get a year warranty on the device and three years on the cutter.

Ease of Use

The Powershred H-8C shredder has a unique design, as it will not operate if the head is not fit securely on the wastebasket.

You get a paper feed slot with a separate feeder for discs and credit cards. You do not need to remove the staples or paper clips as the cutters can cut through it.

With the safety lock, you can set it to prevent the machine from working when not used. Even the basic shredding operation is a breeze.

All you need to do is set the switch to auto on, feed the paper in the slot, and the Fellowes shredder does the rest for you. If you like to know more about other Fellowes Paper Shredders or micro-cut paper shredders check detailed reviews of such products. You may find good comparative information which will help you to decide the best paper shredder as per your requirements.

Occasionally, you will need to oil the cutters with vegetable oil, and you can use waste bags in the bin to keep things tidy.

Further, you get LED indicator lights showing the status of the machine from on/off, reverse, auto-on, to overheating.

Main Features:

  • The Fellowes Powershred H-8C is a reliable shredder you can use at the side of the desk and measures 14.25-inches tall x 12-inches wide x 7.88-inches depth
  • Comes with extra safety features such as the safety lock that prevents the unit from working
  • Shreds up to eight sheets per pass into 5/32-inch by 1-⅜-inch bits and pieces
  • Has a P-4 security level
  • Can use it to destroy paper, plastic cards, discs, paper clips, and staples
  • Shreds up to three minutes and needs a 30-minute cooldown
  • Equipped with a 3.6-gallon bin with a see-through window and lift-off head
  • The shred speed is 10 feet per minute and the slot measures 8.7-inches
  • Comes with separate disc slot to shred CDs and DVDs
  • Has a control switch with LED indicator lights to provide information on the on/off, reverse, auto-on, and overheating status
  • Include a year warranty on the product and three years on the cutter

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Suitable for light home office use and has a compact design
  • You get minimal paper jams
  • Sounds happier when you feed through up to six pages instead of eight
  • Has a fantastic security level
  • Easy to use
  • Enough safety features
  • Small footprint

Why Not Buy

  • Not a heavy duty shredder and only works for up to three minutes at a time
  • The bin is awkward to empty

Customer Feedback

When you look at the Fellowes Shredder reviews customers are more than pleased with the brand.

The same applies to the Powershred H-8C model as it has a compact construction and reliable enough to use at home.

Consumers found it better to put through less paper at a time as the machine cannot handle the described load of eight sheets per pass.

The office machine does not have a long run time but is suitable to rid the home of annoying mail every day.

The collection bin is not huge, and clients found it fits in well into confined spaces. Another thing user’s love is the separate slot for destroying discs and finds it helpful.

Final Thoughts

The Fellowes Powershred H-8C crosscut shredder you can use at home for light shredding tasks. The compact sizes of the machine fit into tight spots and take up little space.

You can use it to destroy mail, up to six sheets of paper, discs, credit cards, and more. There is no need of removing the staples or paper clips as the knives take care of shredding them up.

The only thing you need to remember is the more paper you feed through the slot, the slower it becomes.

Fellowes Shredder: Secure 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Fellowes Powershred H-8C Review 1

Furthermore, the Fellowes shredder has an excellent build quality, and you will have no problem fitting everything together.