Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Powerful Shredder

Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Powerful Shredder

Whether you need an auto or manual feed shredder the Fellowes AutoMax 103C crosscut model offers you both at the same time.

You can shred up to 130 sheets in the auto feeder or feed twice as much using the manual one.

The unit offers loads of features, but the biggest problem is you cannot use it for destroying discs. However, with latter, it does have loads of other great functions let us look at what this shredder has to offer.

Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Powerful Shredder 1
Fellowes AutoMax 130C Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Design of the Fellowes AutoMax 130C Shredder

The Fellowes AutoMax 130C is a shredder that offers you the versatility to rip through up to 130 sheets of paper in the auto-feed tray.

However, you have a manual-feed slot as well. The manual slot can hold twice as much paper and comes recommended for small offices and home use.

Design of the Fellowes AutoMax 130C Shredder
Design of the Fellowes AutoMax 130C Shredder

The chassis black plastic and measures 21.4-inches are high with a width of 13.6-inches and depth of 20-inches.

The feed slot measures 9-inches and equipped with an 8.5-gallon bin that pulls out at the bottom. You can place up to eight sheets of paper in the manual slot but proven it can hold up to eighteen.

The manual shredding speed is 11 fpm and works for ten minutes before it needs to cool down for 25-minutes.

The auto-feed slot you find by opening a latch at the top-front. With the auto feed, it shreds the paper in three minutes making it a great performer.

Furthermore, the machine has a competitive price and suitable for any home or business to use. The crosscut knives cut the paper into 0.19 x 1.6-inches and secure enough for personal and office use.

You do not need to remove the staples or paper clips and can shred plastic cards as well.

Ease of Use

Using the shredder is simple with the three buttons on the upper front edge. You get a reverse, forward, and on switch for automatic shredding.

On the left corner at the top are four icons to display if the machine is overheating, has a paper jam, or if the bin is full.

Furthermore, it notifies you when the wastebasket is open, and the light remains red until the problems resolved. On the other hand, you get a solidly built appliance that only needs a push of the button to work.

The biggest problem users found is the small latch button that makes it difficult to open the cover for the auto feeder.

What’s more is you can shred paper, paper clips, and staples through the auto feeder and cannot use it to shred credit cards.

You can use the manual slot for destroying plastic cards and paper only without staples and paper clips.

One more highlight is the quiet operation provided with SilentShred Technology and comes with energy saving sleep mode.

The unit switches off after two minutes when not used. When it comes to maintaining the shredder, you need to clean the sensors occasionally and keep the cutters lubricated with vegetable oil.

For viewing the paper wastage, it comes with a transparent viewing window.

Main Features:

  • The AutoMax provides you with an auto and manual feeder and suitable for deskside use
  • The auto feeder holds up to 130 sheets of paper, and the manual one holds up to eight
  • Both slots shreds paper into 5/32-inches by one ½-inches with a crosscut design
  • Offers a P-3 security level and destroys paper, plastic cards, paper clips, and staples
  • Comes with auto reverse and forward for paper jams
  • The pullout bin holds up to 8.5-gallons of waste
  • Works for ten minutes before it needs a 25-minute cooldown
  • Suitable for medium shredding in offices and homes
  • Comprise of SilentShred offering the best performance in a workspace
  • Comes with energy saving sleep mode and touch screen with a back-lit LED
  • The shredding speed is 11 feet per minute, and the paper entry width is 9-inches
  • The machine measures 21.38-inches high by 13.63-inches wide and has a depth of 20-inches
  • Include a two-year warranty on the device and five years on the cutter

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Works quietly and quick
  • There are no issues with jamming and comes with auto reverse
  • Shreds through a paper, envelopes, paper clips, staples, and plastic cards
  • Switches off after two minutes of non-use
  • The waste bin holds enough paper before you need to empty it
  • Amazingly quiet
  • Has a beautiful, clean design and easy to use
  • Provides enough safety for the hands
  • Can use the Fellowes bags in the bin

Why Not Buy

  • A bit pricey for some users and you can buy the AutoMax 200C instead as it shreds through discs as well

Customer Feedback

Reading the Fellowes AutoMax 130C reviews, you can see customers are more than pleased with the product.

The fact that you can auto feed the paper for shredding is super and offers you hands-free use. The unit comes loaded with safety functions from overheating to overloading.

It even informs you if the bin door is not closed correctly. The biggest downside is the price and the fact that you cannot use it to destroy discs.

Final Thoughts

For the small business or home, the Fellowes AutoMax 130C crosscut shredder is one of the best in its class. You can easily place up to 130 sheets of paper in the auto-feed slot to use the machine hands-free.

Alternatively, you can use the manual feeder instead.

For destroying personal documents and credit cards, the AutoMax 130C will not disappoint you.

However, if you do need a model that can handle more paper and discs you can look at the AutoMax 200C instead.

Another highlight found in the model is the fact that it comes with castors as well. The 200C you can use for up to twelve minutes and has the same cooldown time.

Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Powerful Shredder 2

To be honest, both these models is perfect; the only difference is the price and the fact that you can shred CDs.