Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder Best for Home and Office Use Review

Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder Best for Home and Office Use Review

For a powerful shredder to handle any job in the office, the Fellowes 62MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder model is the one to have. The machine is on the expensive side, and worth every cent spent.

You can use it for large volumes of confidential shredding and carries a P4 security level. You will get the benefit of changing paper into dust, and it has a long run time as well.

However, if you do not believe us read the Fellowes 62MC 10-sheet micro cut paper shredder review here.

Design of the Fellowes 62 Micro Cut Paper Shredder

The run time is seven minutes and great for a personal shredder that generally maxes out five minutes. The only problem is with a long run time the cooling down time is also long and lasts up to an hour.

The machine is fast, shreds a speed of 2.74 meters per minute, and comes with an automatic stop with start function.

Design of the Fellowes 62 Micro Cut Paper Shredder (Custom)
Design of the Fellowes 62 MC Shredder

There is a safety lock to avoid an accident and prevents the blade from starting up. The unit measures 18.75 (H) x 13.75 (W) x 10.44-inches (D).

The office accessory is on the heavy side for using at home but comes with wheels to move it about. The bin has a capacity of five gallons and large.

There is an indicator light to inform you when the bin is full and needs emptying. There is a viewing window to monitor the level of shredding.

Even disposing of the waste is comfortable with the drawer that slides open. You do not make a lot of mess, and you do not need to lug the whole machine with you for cleaning.

For paper jams, it comes with a reverse function, but the unit is less likely to jam compared to other models in the collection. Further, there is no need for removing paperclips, staples and more as it cuts through steel and plastic.

The units quiet at 65 decibels and should not disturb the neighbors.

Furthermore, it helps reduce paper into small bits of confetti and works at an astonishing speed. If you planning for a cross cut paper shredder with the same brand you can find it here with Fellowes Powershred 73Ci Awesome 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder.

Ease of Use

There is no need of removing the staples and paperclips from documents when using the Fellowes Micro Cut Paper Shredder.

The office machine carries a P4 security level and destroys cards, discs, and paper. The constructions small and fits into most spaces without taking up to much space.

The equipment perfect for you to use at home as it comes with a safety lock to prevent kids from injury at the machine. Further, you get a year warranty on the product with an additional five years on the cutter.

The unit has an auto start/stop with reverse function and easy waste removal.

Additionally, it shreds paper into 7/64″ x 25/64″ particles for up to seven minutes continuously before it needs to cool down. The cooldown time is a bit long but worth it in the end.

The basket type pulls out bin holds enough shredding and does not need regular cleanouts depending on the workload you do.

At the bottom of the shredder is wheeled for moving it around and available in a black color to fit in with any office or home décor.

The width of the feed slot is 9-inches, and for safety, there are separate slots to use with different items.

Main Features:

  • Can shred ten pieces of A4 paper at a time
  • Made with micro cut blades and has a P4 security level to destroy confidential documents
  • No need for removing staples and paperclips as it cuts plastic and steel
  • Made with safety lock giving it added safety protection when not in use
  • Works quietly and comes with a five gallon pull out bin
  • Moves freely with the four wheels and has a freestanding design
  • You get a full bin indicator light and a viewing window to keep an eye on the shredding
  • The run time is seven minutes, and it has a cooldown time of up to an hour
  • The feeding slot measures 9-inches and has separate slots for the destroying discs and cards
  • One year warranty on the product and five years on the cutter
  • Has a reverse function for paper jams and switches off when overheating

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Compact and takes up little space under the desk or table
  • Comes with smooth rolling wheels
  • Has a pull out bin with full bin indicator and viewing window
  • Works quiet and fast
  • Can use it for a long time before the protective thermal cut off kicks in

Why Not Buy

  • Would have been nice if the feed slot had a guide to make it smaller for envelopes and more

Customer Feedback

The majority of consumers are pleased with the Fellowes 62MC shredder. Users love the fact that they can line the basket with a transparent bag making cleaning a breeze.

You will have to oil the cutters occasionally, and according to customers, this is done quickly with a syringe. The unit is quiet, and as it is a bit big, you cannot place it under the desk to feed paper directly into it.

Furthermore, no one can stop talking about the affordable price.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a real shredder to tackle most paper, cards, and disc shredding jobs, nothing comes close to the Fellowes 62MC micro cut paper shredder.

The motor runs quietly without disturbing others, and it is powerful. You can quickly shred through ten pages at the same time but best not to overstuff it to prevent paper jams.

You will need to maintain the blades with some oil but is quickly done after shredding up to 100 sheets of paper and using canola oil available in the home is simple.

For the price, you get the best micro cut paper shredder with high-level security to dispose of sensitive information in the home or office.

Make sure to check it out today—and if you are not entirely satisfied, you can always opt in buying one of the best paper shredders reviewed here.