Aurora Shredder AU1210MA Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

Aurora Shredder AU1210MA Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

Do you need a high-security shredder to use in your business or home? We have just the right one here for you! The Aurora AU1210MA is a micro-cut model offering you high-level security when it comes to destroying confidential documents.

The machine has a twelve-sheet capacity, and you can use it to destroy discs, credit cards, and small paper clips. Therefore, there is no removing of staples or paper clips saving you loads of time.

However, is this all that the office machine has to offer? Let us find out!

Aurora Shredder AU1210MA Micro-Cut Paper Shredder 1
Aurora AU1210MA Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Design of the Aurora Shredder AU1210MA

The Aurora Shredder AU1210MA micro-cut shredder has a unique design comprising of micro-cut cutters that shred up documents into tiny confetti bits.

You can use the machine non-stop for an hour before it needs a cool down. Therefore, you will be able to get a lot of shredding done.

Design of the Aurora Shredder AU1210MA Micro-cut Shredder
Design of the Aurora Shredder AU1210MA Micro-cut Shredder

The pullout bin comprises a 5-gallon capacity, and the unit works ultra-quiet. The AU1210MA you can use in any office and home environment and will not disturb the neighbors.

The knives cut pieces of paper into 0.16-inches by 0.47-inches and prevent identity theft from taking place.

You can shred CDs and credit cards one at a time and get a P-4 security level. With the anti-jam function it auto reverses to clear paper jams if ever it does happen.

Furthermore, it comes with LED indicator lights to display the standby/overheat/ bin-full, overload, and door open status.

The unit has a length of 11.02-inches and has a width of 14.41-inches while standing 19.33-inches tall. The machine weighs 22.4 pounds making it lightweight to move if needed.

Ease of Use

Setting the Aurora micro-cut shredder up is simple as you receive it fully assembled for unpacking. All you need to do is to make sure the doors closed properly.

If the door is not closed, the machine will not work as it comes with safety power cut off.

All you need to attach is the four caster wheels to the bottom of the waste bin, power it up, and you are ready to start shredding.

There are different settings available for you to use the shredder. It comes with an auto/on allowing it to start working when detecting articles in the feeder.

Furthermore, it has an off button to power the whole machine off when not used. Lastly, it comes with a forward and reverses function to clear paper jams.

For shredding credit cards, you need to place it in the center of the chute and use the particular slot for shredding discs.

The LED status keeps you up to date if the bin is full, the door is open, it is overloaded, or overheating. The light turns red when overloaded, the door is open, and the containers full.

You do not need to remove staples or small paper clips as the equipment can handle it saving you loads of time to get the job done.

Further, you will need to oil the blades once a month with vegetable oil to keep it working for a long time. To top it all the shredder comes with a year warranty on the purchase and five-years on the cutter.

Main Features:

  • Has a P-4 security level and cuts discs, credit cards, and paper into 0.16-inches by 0.47-inches
  • Comes with continuous use of up to 60-minutes
  • Shreds through the article, diskettes, plastic cards, staples, and small paper clips
  • Has a twelve sheet capacity and the paper entry width is 8.7-inches
  • Made with anti-jam auto reverse for clearing paper jams
  • The pullout bin has a capacity of 5-gallons
  • Keeps you up to date with the LED indicator lights when in standby/overheating/overloaded/bin-full, or the door is open
  • Comprise micro-cut blades with safety angled-feed entry
  • The shred speed is 6 feet per minute and recommended for a business with up to three users
  • Made with auto start/stop
  • The machine measures 14.41-inches wide with a length of 11.02-inches and stands 19.33-inches tall weighing4 pounds
  • Include a year warranty on the device and five years on the cutter

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Comes with four wheels and handles on the side to lift the head if needed
  • Has a pullout basket making it easier to empty
  • Does not overheat quickly with the powerful motor
  • Comes with loads of safety features
  • Starts shredding when detecting items in the chute
  • The wastebasket is reasonably big for up to three users to use throughout the day before it needs emptying
  • Affordable

Why Not Buy

  • The safety switch is weak and shuts the machine off when the basket is only half full

Customer Feedback

Overall, consumers cannot praise the Aurora Shredder AU1210MA, Professional Grade High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder enough.

People like the design and the fact that they can use it to destroy confidential documents, discs, plastic cards, and even small paper clips.

While it does have a weak switch misinforming you when the bin is full, it remains a big contender in the shredder market.

The performance is excellent and not as loud compared to other models in the price range. You can use it continuously without overheating and shuts off if overloaded and overheating.

Final Thoughts

When you buy the Aurora AU1210MA micro-cut shredder, you will not be left disappointed.

You get an excellent performer for shredding different articles in the office or home.

You can feed through up to twelve sheets of paper with one pass but always consider the staples and paper clips dimension as well.

Aurora Shredder AU1210MA Micro-Cut Paper Shredder 2

Furthermore, you get a high-security appliance to make sure your information turns into small confetti bits and pieces. Therefore, no matter what your safety needs is the micro-cut shredder will take care of it.