Aurora Shredder – AU1050XE Cross-cut Paper Shredder Review

Aurora Shredder AU1050XE Cross-cut Paper Shredder Review

Do you need to do medium shredding at home or your small office? You need the compact Aurora Shredder AU1050XE crosscut paper shredder to get the job done.

The machine offers you a fantastic performance with the full features. You get a ShredSafe function that shuts off when detecting forced entry and the cover plate closes the feed entry entirely when not used.

You can use the office machine to cut through credit cards and paper. So what do you think? Not persuaded yet, look at the detailed AU1050XE shredder review here.

Design of the Aurora Shredder AU1050XE

The sheet capacity of the shredder is 10-sheet of paper and has a shred size of 7/32-inches by 2-inch pieces.

The paper entry width is 8.7-inches, and you can feed through one credit at a time. The machine comes with a built-in safety interlock mechanism to mount the top correctly on the bin.

Design of the Aurora Shredder AU1050XE
Design of the Aurora Shredder AU1050XE

The unit does not operate when not appropriately placed. For cleaning, you need to remove the head from the basket and once put back, the locking mechanisms activated.

The wastebasket capacity is 4.4 gallon, and you need not remove the staples or paper clips as it munches through it.

The piece of equipment has overload and thermal protection with LED standby-power status indicator lights.

The operations simple and the machines reliable to use in a small office environment as it makes minimal noise. You can use it up to 50 uses a day with the three-mode power switch.

The indicator lights bright and visible in the dark to bright rooms and shuts off when overheating. The handle at the top makes lifting the head simpler and comfortable.

Ease of Use

Using the Aurora shredder is not complicated with the one button providing three different modes of use. You can use the auto/on the function to power the machine up and works when inserting paper.

Further, it has an off button that powers the whole device down.

Then there are the reverse features to remove paper jams if ever it happens. You will know when the appliance is on and ready to use with the green LED indicator light.

For added safety, it comes with ShredSafe and detects when there is forced entry stopping it from functioning further.

With the cover, you can tilt it close over the paper chute and will not work while closed. If ever it does overheat, it shuts off and will need a 30-minute cooldown.

You will need to oil the knives regularly with vegetable oil as it extends the life use of the blades.

Main Features:

  • The crosscut shredder has a compact construction to feed through up to ten sheets of paper
  • You can use it to destroy credit cards, paper clips, and staples as well
  • The cutters made of double steel and shreds up to 70 pages per minute
  • The measurement is 16.02-inches high by 14.06 wide and has a depth of 8.46-inches
  • You receive it assembled, and the input capacity is ten
  • The unit is jam-resistant, comes with a safety switch, and overload & thermal protection
  • Designed with automatic start
  • The wastebasket size is 4.4-gallon
  • Has a crosscut design with security level P-3 to cut paper up into 7/32-inch x 2-inch pieces
  • Comprise LED status indicator lights
  • The paper chute is 8.7-inches wide

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Gobbles through paper and credit cards without a hitch
  • Easily punches through paper waste
  • Does not overheat quickly
  • Comes with reverse for paper jams
  • Has auto on and off
  • The shredding rate is fast
  • Affordable

Why Not Buy

  • You cannot use waste bags with the bin
  • The provided safety flat makes it difficult to feed through the paper or credit card

Customer Feedback

According to different consumer’s reviews on the Aurora Shredder – AU1050XE, you are getting a reliable shredder that is easy to use.

The machine does a great job without overheating and comes with a reverse function to remove paper jams.

Furthermore, they like the auto on, and off features and the fact that they can shred credit cards are superb.

The machine offers excellent power, but you cannot use the hopper with waste bags.

Further, the safety flap does make things difficult when shredding paper and credit cards.

Final Thoughts

For the best-crosscut shredder, nothing comes close to the Aurora AU1050XE model.

The unit gives an excellent performance to use at home for shredding envelopes, paper, and credit cards. The machines a bit louder compared to most models in the range but not deafening at all.

The medium-duty shredders you can even use in a small office environment. However, the wastebasket is small and best to consider it before buying.

Aurora Shredder - AU1050XE Cross-cut Paper Shredder Review 1

The overall price is reasonable so check it out and decide if you want to use the shredder at home today!