Aurora Paper Shredder: Aurora AS890C Crosscut Shredder Review

Aurora Paper Shredder: Aurora AS890C Crosscut Shredder Review

Shredding confidential and private documents is simple with the Aurora Paper Shredder AS890C. With the stainless steel blade, you can shred paper, paper clips, staples, and credit cards.

You will be able to maximize your work when it comes to sensitive matters using the machine. You can shred up to eight pages per minute leaving you with one-fifth-inch wide strips.

Further, the wastepaper basket has a 125-sheet capacity and practical for a small office or home. However, what more is on offer using the unit? Read our Aurora AS890C Review to find out.

Construction of the Aurora Paper Shredder AS890C

The office machine has a crosscut design offering you more security to rid your home of junk mail and more.

Insert up to eight pages into the 8.7-inch entry slot and watch the viewing window to see how it slices across and down into 1/5 –inches. The appliance also has a sleek appearance to use in small offices and living spaces.

The unit has a modern design and measures 12 x 7 x 16-inches making it practical to use in most small spaces. You get the power cord included, and it has an alarm advising you when the baskets full.

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Aurora AS890C Crosscut Shredder

The waste bin holds up to 125-sheets of shredded paper and may need emptying often depending on the workload you have.

You can use it in auto mode and starts by design when you insert paper. There is a manual reverse switch for paper jams and has thermal overload protection.

The blades are heavy duty and cuts through hard plastic, and some have mentioned it shreds CDs as well. The shred rate is 8.36 pages per minute and great for getting small jobs done.

Ease of Use

The crosscut paper shredder from Aurora activates when it senses paper in the entry slot. Using the manual reverse mode to unblock paper jams is quick.

You can monitor the filling up process with the transparent window in the basket. Furthermore, it cuts through staples, paper clips, and credit cards like butter.

Occasionally, you will need to oil the blades for it to work efficiently and the wastebasket is large. There are three settings off, auto, and reverse.

Alternatively, you get a nice safety feature as well. When you put the shredder head onto the bin, you can click the button to enable using it again.

Further, it also protects your fingers when removing the head for cleaning. However, we do recommend you power it off entirely for further precaution.

Main Features

  • Made with stainless steel blades and has a crosscut construction that cuts through paper, paper clips, and credit cards
  • The shred rate is 8.36 pages per minute
  • The wastebasket has a capacity of 125-sheets of paper
  • Has three settings off, auto, and reverse
  • Modern black design and measures 12 x 7 x 16-inches
  • Include a 59-inch power cord
  • Comprise a full-bag indicator light to empty the bin
  • Use it in auto mode to automatically detect paper in the chute
  • Designed with a thermal overload to protect the motor
  • Can shred up to eight pieces of paper through the 8.7-inch paper slot
  • Comes with a safety guard and added safety button to remove the head without your fingers touching the blades
  • One-year warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Can shred through heavy duty items like plastic, paper, and steel
  • No need to clean the container often and has a full indicator light
  • Works efficiently with the crosscut design
  • Shreds eight pages per minute
  • Has manual reverse for paper jams
  • Affordable

Why Not Buy It

  • A bit noisy
  • You cannot use it to feed through more than eight sheets of paper at a time
  • Not made for large shredding jobs

Customer Feedback

You can find loads of crosscut shredder reviews for the model online. However, Amazon alone has more than 50% of customers pleased with the product.

Users found the equipment highly reliable and have a compact size that works flawlessly. Many people use it in their small business or home office as it takes up little space.

The biggest complaint is the noise with the low capacity of shredding. Nevertheless, if you do need a more significant size, you can always look at other models reviewed here.

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Final Thoughts

The Aurora AS890C is a useful paper shredder that cuts through plastic and steel as well. Do you have a medium to small office? You can benefit from using the machine as it also cuts through CDs easily.

Prevent ID theft from taking places and get the affordable crosscut paper shredder today. You can easily make your living space clutter free and use the paper for recycling throughout the year.

The machine is a serious consideration and worth every cent.