Aurora Paper Shredder – AU1220XA Cross-cut Shredder Review

Aurora Paper Shredder – AU1220XA Cross-cut Shredder Review

For shredding sensitive documents in a small office or home the Aurora AU1220XA crosscut shredder, is the best in its class.

You can use it to destroy paper and credit cards. Furthermore, it comes with an affordable price and has numerous features that stand out from the competitor.

As a result, if you need a quiet machine to rid your home of paper waste try this model. Also, if you are still not convinced read the full Aurora Paper Shredder – AU1220XA review that follows here.

Design of the Aurora Paper Shredder AU1220XA

The paper and credit card shredder of Aurora offers you a 12-sheet capacity to shred paper at the same time.

The wastebasket has a size of 5.2-gallons, and the feed chute is 8.7-inches wide with continuous shredding.

Design of the Aurora Paper Shredder AU1220XA
Design of the Aurora Paper Shredder AU1220XA

The unit shreds articles up to 3/16-inches by 1-9/16-inches making it secure to use at home to dispose of personal documents.

You can feed through one credit card at a time, and the duty cycle is three-minutes before it needs to cool down for 45-minutes.

Furthermore, it comes with a safety lock for mounting the head correctly on the bin. If the machines not correctly aligned, it will not work and a great safety feature to have.

According to the manufacturer, you cannot use waste bags with it as it may cause interference with the function of the device.

Alternatively, you do not need to remove paper clips or staples when shredding and saves you loads of time. In the middle of the feed slot is a dedicated chute for placing credit cards.

There is an LED status indicator informing you when the machine is ready to use and turns red when overheating. The appliance shuts off automatically and will need a cooling time.

Another fantastic thing is you get a five-year warranty with your product.

Ease of Use

Using the AU1220XA shredder is simple with the control switch. You can use it with auto/on to automatically start working when you insert paper or credit cards.

Furthermore, the machine stops when completing the shredding. There is a reverse function to clear paper jams.

You can also make use of the forward function to clear clutters from the chute as it helps prevent paper jams.

You feed credit cards through in a vertical position by using the middle of the entry. The LED lights inform you with a green light when powered on and red when overheating.

The maintenance on the blades you need to do every three months by oiling the knives with vegetable oil.

There is an angled feed to prevent accidents and overload protection provides an auto-stop. Another fantastic thing is the size as it measures 13.31-inches wide with a length of 8.46-inches and stands 15.87-inches tall.

With the compact size, it will not take up loads of space and comes with wheels for moving from one room to another.

Main Features:

  • The Aurora has a crosscut design and shreds up to 12-sheets of paper
  • The shred size is 3/16-inches by 1-9/16-inches and has a P-3 security level to destroy confidential documents
  • You can use it to shred credit cards, paperclips, staples, and paper
  • Designed with an angled feed for safety and comes with jam prevention when overloaded with auto-reverse
  • The continuous runtime is 5-minutes with a shred speed of 6.6 feet per minute
  • Equipped with a 5.2-gallon wastebasket
  • The throat width is 8.7-inches and has a dedicated spot in the middle of the chute to feed through credit cards
  • Has a standby and overheat indicator with automatic start/stop with manual/auto reverse
  • The machine measures 13.1-inches wide by 15.87-inches high with a length of 8.46-inches
  • The device comes with a year warranty, and the cutter has a five-year guarantee
  • Made with thermal protection and four mode power switch
  • Comprise a lift handle for removing the head from the basket

Why Should You Buy It?

  • A workhorse for small office and home use
  • Reasonable price
  • Not too loud
  • Compact size and takes up little space
  • You can use it for up to an hour before it starts to overheat
  • Loaded with fantastic features from an auto stop, auto reverse and more
  • Easily shreds through twelve sheets of paper

Why Not Buy

  • The feed slot is difficult to use, and the safety guard has a poor design

Customer Feedback

Reading the different Aurora Paper Shredder – AU1220XA reviews, you can see consumers are more than pleased with the machine.

While the appliance if for home use people treat it as a commercial machine to dispose of business records and personal documents.

They love the fact that you can use it continuously without the need of stopping it from cooling down. Even shredding credit cards is no problem using the unit and works great.

The constructions fantastic and has a good weight that is not too heavy to move.

Final Verdict

With the 12-sheet shredding capacity the Aurora AU1220XA, the crosscut shredder is a welcomed addition in most homes.

The unit might not be as powerful as your Fellowes models but remains a workhorse with helpful features.

Whether you need to shred paper or credit cards, it provides enough security to cut up articles before it lands up on the landfill.

While some users found you can still read some of the information, it is a convenient unit to use for preventing clutter at home.

Aurora Paper Shredder - AU1220XA Cross-cut Shredder Review 1

Therefore, if you need a commercial shredder to use at the house, make sure to check this model out here!