Aurora AU870MA Micro-Cut Shredder Review

Aurora AU870MA Micro-Cut Shredder Review

Do you need a micro-cut shredder at home offering you the best security level for shredding paper and discs? You can look at the Aurora AU870MA model offering you the highest security level of P-4.

You can even use it to cut through credit cards and make it into confetti. The unit is perfect for home and small office use and takes up little space in a corner or under the desk.

Aurora AU870MA Paper Shredder Design

Aurora AU870MA Micro-Cut Shredder Review 1


To make your documents unreadable before throwing it away, you can benefit using the Aurora AU870MA shredder. You can use the machine hands-free or manually and cuts through paper with the steel blades.

Furthermore, the unit comes with four security options as well.

Aurora AU870MA Paper Shredder Design (Custom)
Aurora AU870MA Paper Shredder Design

With these modes, you can decide how you want the items cut up. The highest option for security is the micro-cut mode, and then it has a diamond-cut style. Furthermore, it informs you when it overheats with the indicator lights.

The feed slot measures 8.7-inches wide and is suitable for feeding through the paper, credit cards, and more. The design is compact, measures 7.1 x 11.8 x 16.1-inches, weighs 11.6 pounds, and comes with removable casters.

On the top is an intuitive panel to control different functions and auto shut off to save power. Furthermore, the light starts flickering if it gets a paper jam or when overheating.

The run time is 5-minutes and has a cooldown time of 30-minutes, and you can use the forward/reverse to clear paper jams. You can only use the equipment to destroy paper and credit cards.

You can feed through eight pages of paper at a time. The trash basket has a capacity of 3.9-gallons, and you need to remove the top section to dump waste.

Ease of Use

First, you will need to attach the casters depending if you want to move the device and all comes down to personal preference. There is a sliding switch to power the unit to auto on and off to save energy.

There is a reverse mode for paper jams, and you can feed through eight sheets of paper simultaneously or cut one credit card at a time.

There is a viewing window to see how full the waste bin is and it comes with a single-hand handle to remove the top for cleaning the container.

Further, it informs you when there is a paper jam, the door is open, overloads/overheats, and the bin is full. These are accommodating functions to have to keep you up to date at all times.

Furthermore, the machines come with thermal protection and automatically shut off when overloaded or overheating.

You will need to leave it to cool down for half an hour at the most. To keep it working well, you need to oil the blades occasionally or after cleaning the bin.

To add to the benefits, you get a year warranty on the product and a five-year one on the blades.

Main Features:

  • Offers you shredding for up to eight sheets of paper and plastic cards
  • Micro-cut design with a security level of P-4
  • Runs continuously for five minutes and cools down for 30-minutes
  • Made with a manual reverse with auto start
  • The wastebasket has a capacity of 3.9-gallon and auto shut off with thermal protections and LED indicator lights
  • One year warranty on the product and five years on the blade
  • Comes with safety angled feed for preventing the hands from getting cut
  • Stops automatically when overloaded
  • You need to remove the top from the bin to empty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Great for home and small office use
  • Made with micro-cut blades with a high-security level
  • Fits under a table or desk and takes up little space
  • Can shred several pages before cooling down
  • The basket is narrow, and you can use a small trash bag with it
  • Reliable for long-term use and straightforward to use
  • Comes with a transparent window for viewing the bin
  • Different status indicator lights keeping you updated about the machine

Why Not Buy

  • The top of the device is cumbersome and awkward to lift for some users
  • A bit noisy compared to other models

Customer Feedback

Overall, consumers use the shredder in the home and small office. The clients love the reasonable price and micro-cut design to shred items into tiny bits.

The size is nice and comfortably stands under a desk or in a corner. You get a medium-volume use to go through several pages before it needs to cool down.

Customers mentioned it is not for shredding tons of paper at once and the basket is narrow and simple to clean. While it does have a lever to remove the top, it is on the heavy side.

In general, it is a nice unit for most buyers and works quietly and compared to those complaining about the top weight it does have a nice grip area to hold.

While some people love the sleek design of the basket, others feel it will easily tip over so best to keep it in a small storage space.

Aurora AU870MA Micro-Cut Shredder Review 2

Final Thoughts

The micro-cut shredder from Aurora the AU870MA might not shred through discs. However, the machine is perfect for destroying paper and credit cards. You can also check AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High Security Paper Shredder Review for next option.

The micro-cut shredder is reasonably priced compared to other shredders in the same design and offers you quality and convenience when used. You can use it in the comfort of the home or any small office.

However, if you need something with a larger capacity, you can always consider the other shredders reviewed on our list.