Aurora AS420C Desktop Shredder Review

Aurora AS420C Desktop Shredder Review

Do you need to shred documents occasionally? Look at the Aurora AS420C desktop shredder that is a great space saver.

You can use it intermittently to destroy mail and personal documents at home. The machine is capable of shredding four pages at once.

However, if you need to do more tearing of paper a day, we recommend you look at the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Crosscut Model reviewed by us. It is a bit more powerful with a larger bin capacity.

Aurora AS420C Desktop Shredder Design

The AS420C desktop shredder is inexpensive and tiny barely taking up any space on a desk. To shred bills and mail it is perfect. For a small machine, it performs well considering its size.

You cannot load it with more than four pages as it begins to whine like a dog and slows the machine down.

Aurora AS420C Desktop Shredder Design (Custom)
Aurora AS420C Desktop Shredder Design

The slot is 4.5-inches wide, and you will need to fold the pages in half to feed it through the shredder. A standout using the equipment is that it can shred through credit cards as well.

For occasional shredding, it works well and offers enough power to get the job done.

The shredder cuts with a crosscut blade and offers enough security to destroy personal information in the home. Further, the appliance can shred up to 24 pages a minute if you are fast at folding paper.

The bin holds up to forty sheets, fills up fast, and is not built for speed.

The unit comfortably stands on a table or small space with its 9 x 7 x 10-inch measurement. There is a handle for lifting, and it has a detachable power cord with a letter opener.

The waste bins transparent and has a loading capacity of 1.32-gallon.

Ease of Use

The device is simple to use with one switch to turn on/off and use in reverse mode if the paper is stuck. There is an auto mode for shredding paper once the sensor detects items.

With the handle, you can remove the shredding head from the bin for emptying. Further, it comes with thermal protection to prevent the motor from overheating and damage.

Alternatively, there are no safety sensors, jam-proof technology present. The sound emitted by the Aurora is not cheery but not overpowering and reasonable for a short time of use.

Main Features

  • Has a lightweight and compact construction ideal to use in a small office or home
  • Can shred up to four folded sheets of paper and credit cards per pass
  • The wastebasket has a see-through design with a 1.32-gallon volume
  • For shredding it has a steel crosscut cutter with 4.5-inch wide paper feed entry
  • For controlling the machine there are three settings auto/on, off, and reverse
  • Comes with a standby status indicator light
  • Has thermal protection to protect it from overheating
  • The power cord detaches and includes a letter opener
  • For ease of cleaning the bin, the shredder head has a lifting handle

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Suitable to use in limited spaces such as an apartment or small office
  • Made with durable cutters to rip through paper and credit cards
  • The bin has a transparent design with a handle for ease of lifting
  • For paper jams, it has a reverse mode
  • Works quietly compared to other small shredders in the range
  • Provides you with overload protection
  • Affordable

Why Not Buy It

  • Not made for large-scale shredding jobs
  • Slow compared to bigger models

Customer Feedback

For destroying mail and occasional credit cards, users recommend the Aurora AS420C crosscut shredder. According to consumers, the little guy packs a punch when it comes to shredding.

The machine can handle both paper and plastic cards without trouble. While it cannot shred quickly, it remains one of the best shredders in its price range.

The unit takes up little space and is lightweight to move from one room to another. The detachable cord is excellent when it comes to keeping your desk clutter free and not in use.

Aurora AS420C Desktop Shredder Review 1

Final Thoughts

If you only do occasional, shredding the Aurora AS420C desktop shredder is worth the buy. It does not take up loads of space, and the noise is bearable.

However, you need to remember it is not a workhorse and will not be able to work through stacks of paper at a time.

The steel cutters are durable to cut through personal documents and plastic cards to prevent identity theft. For easy waste disposal, the handle helps and recommended for using time-to-time.

Therefore, if you want to conserve space and your privacy, you will not go wrong buying this crosscut shredder.