Best Aurora AS1018CD Cross-cut Shredder Review

Aurora AS1018CD Cross-cut Shredder Review

Have you been searching through different shredder models online and in stores? You have and have you found the perfect one to use at home?

No! We thought so otherwise, you would not be sitting here reading the Aurora AS1018CD crosscut shredder review.

Well with this crosscut shredder, you can shred up to ten pages at a time, and you can feed through metal and plastic as well.

The office machines ideal for using in a small office environment or home as it has a small bin and offers a light duty cycle to get rid of waste with ease.

However, does the AS1018CD unit offer more? Let us see what makes the machine stand out from the rest.

Design of the Aurora AS1018CD Crosscut Shredder

Do you want to keep your personal information out of snooping hands? The Aurora AS1018CD is a crosscut shredder that can help.

The machine comes with dual-shred blades to keep your desk at home or a small office clean and organized. You get a simple use with reliable performance.

Design of the Aurora AS1018CD Crosscut Shredder
Design of the Aurora AS1018CD Crosscut Shredder

The average duty cycle is up to 50 uses per day and shreds up to ten sheets of 20 lb bond paper. Furthermore, you can use it to destroy plastic and discs.

The shred size is 3/16-inches by 1-15/32-inches and the wastebasket capacity is 5.28 sheets and not very large.

The steel cutters durable and comes with a 9-inch wide paper feed with three modes of power. You get a button to switch the machine automatically on, off and come with a reverse function for paper jams.

With the thermal protection, it regulates the appliance to prevent it from overheating.

Further, it comes with overload protection and automatically stops when detecting an excess load of paper in the chute. For removing waste, it has a single-hand lift handle to remove the article from the basket.

Another handy safety feature is the angled feeder as it helps prevent items from falling directly into the machine.

With the safety interlock, you can feel reassured you will not knock the shredder off the basket as it keeps it in place. Included you get the wastebasket and operation manual included.

Ease of Use

Once removing the shredder from the box installing the unit is a breeze. You need to place the component on top of the waste bin, and the safety interlock keeps it secure in place.

The good news is the unit comes with a safety cut out and will not operate if not placed correctly.

All you need to do is set the switch to auto, and the appliance goes into standby mode. The unit automatically starts once you feed through the paper in the entry slot.

The recommended capacity is ten sheets of paper at once. However, you need to consider the thickness of the article as well and need to take the staples and paperclips into consideration as well.

You can use the shredder for up to five minutes, as it will cause the machine to overheat and shut down. Once the apparatus overheats, you need to leave it to cool down for an hour.

Furthermore, if you do insert more than the amount of paper, the speed slows down, and the Aurora will stop.

Compared to other ten-sheet crosscut models the Aurora AS1018CD the machine does not come with a dedicated slot for disc or credit cards.

However, the feed slots have an indication of where to place the item when in need of shredding. When overheating the LED comes on and turns the power off.

Maintaining the machine is not a complicated process, and you need to empty the bin frequently and by reversing the unit prevents paper buildup.

Furthermore, there is no need for oiling the blades, but occasional lubrication can help extend the life of the device. Alternatively, you can buy extra lube and sharpening sheets to keep the cutting edge in tiptop condition.

Main Features:

  • The Aurora AS1018CD crosscut shredder is suitable to use in the home office
  • You get high-level performance with the durable steel cutters to shred ten sheets per pass
  • Cuts paper into 3/16-inches by one 15/32-inches confetti-like pieces
  • You can destroy discs and credit cards in the indicated section of the feed slot
  • Made with a collapsible handle to remove the head from the wastebasket to empty it
  • The waste bin capacity is 5.28-gallons and comes with a clean window for viewing
  • Equipped with a 9-inch paper entry and comes with overload and heat protection
  • Designed with a three-mode switch comprising auto-on, off, and reverse
  • Comprise a handle for convenience to remove the top from the basket for emptying
  • Has a safety interlock that shuts the machine off automatically
  • Offers a medium duty cycle for up to 50 uses per day with a 5-minute operation and 60-minute cool down

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Works quietly compared to other models
  • While the manufacturer does not recommend using waste bags, the 10-gallon bags work well to prevent a mess
  • You can shred discs and plastic cards
  • Comes with a three-mode setting that is simple to use
  • Does not overheat easily but does switch off automatically if it does detect overheating or overload
  • Comprise LED indicator lights showing you the status of the unit and is bright and visible to see
  • The handle provides convenience making it easier to lift the head from the container

Why Not Buy

  • The viewing window gets dusty all the time, and you cannot see how full the basket is

Customer Feedback

According to different owners of the Aurora AS1018CD, the shredder is dependable and durable. The fact that they can destroy discs and credit cards is a bonus.

A customer who previously owned an older model replacing it with this unit found the switch is improved and significantly better to use.

The maintenance on the device is comfortable, and you only need to oil the cutters with some spray vegetable oil occasionally.

In general, consumers do not have complaints except that some of them found it is a bit noisy.

Final Thoughts

When you purchase the Aurora AS1018CD shredders, you are getting one of the best-crosscut shredders for small to medium office use.

You can use it to destroy more than paper as it munches up discs and credit cards as well. You do not need to remove staples and paperclips leaving you more time to do your shredding.

Best Aurora AS1018CD Cross-cut Shredder Review 1

However, you must remember the machine cannot handle heavy loads and best to follow the capacity stated by the supplier. Are you interested in the office machine? Check it out here now!