AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High Security Paper Shredder Review

AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High Security Paper Shredder Review

These days you can find a High Security Paper shredder available in most offices to help minimize waste. Further, the appliance helps to destroy confidential and personal documents preventing ID theft.

The interesting fact is you could only find them in government offices and military organizations throughout the 1980s.

However, today, you can buy the piece of equipment to use in the comfort of your home as well.

This is where the AmazonBasics micro-cut high security paper shredder gives you best result in context with security. Not only that but also it is one of the best available on the market. You can shred up to 12 pieces of paper and can shred credit cards, CDs and more.

Therefore, if you are considering buying the best shredder make sure to read the review that follows here.

The Design of the AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High Security Paper Shredder

The appliance has a smart and safe construction that makes it stand out from the competitors. For safety, it has no safety sensor but instead has an angled feeding entry to prevent the fingers from injuries. Which makes it High Security Paper Shredder compare to others.

With the auto start function, the cutter starts working when papers placed in the slot.

You can use it to shred up to 12 pieces of paper and other materials. The record time for shredding is 6 feet of paper in one minute making it fast and convenient to use.

Furthermore, you will not annoy anyone in the home or office as it operates quietly.

The Design of the AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High Security Paper Shredder 200x300 (Custom)

There is a 6.7-gallon pullout bin to make cleaning easier. The equipment takes up little space and measures 17 x 13.4 x 24.3 inches.

Another beneficial feature is the manual reverse to remove paper jams when clogged. With the design, you can use it in any office or home setting with the fast cutting speed.

How Well Does the Shredder Work?

For one the appliance has a fast cutting speed of six feet of paper in a minute with a shredding cycle of up to eight minutes.

You get paper shredded into small pieces, as it is equipped with micro-cut blades. The blades are powerful to cut through CDs/DVDs and credit cards.  Alternatively, if you like to have Cross Cut paper shredder instead of this micro cut paper shredder with the same brand and cool feature check this AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Using the unit is simple with the single switch to toggle between on/off. There are three lights to indicate if the equipment is on, overheating and if the bin is not slotted in the right position.

For moving the appliance, it has a 360-degree pivoting wheel but does not come with a full indicator light for emptying the bin.

Main Features

  • Has a fast cutting speed of six feet of paper in a minute
  • You can shred up to 12 sheets of paper at a time and has a shredding cycle of up to eight minutes
  • Has a micro-cut blade to destroy confidential and personal information on documents, CD/DVDs, credit cards and more
  • The knives have steel construction, and the wastebasket has a capacity of 6.7 gallons and pulls out
  • Offers safety for the hands with the angled feeding slot
  • You get thermal protection with auto shut-off and auto start with manual reverse
  • Amazon provides you with a one-year warranty
  • The equipment weighs 22.3 pounds and has wheels for moving
  • Has three bright LED indicator lights

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Comes with auto start and paper jam function
  • The shredder shuts off automatically when not used for eight minutes to save power
  • Reasonable paper bin with pull out design for removing the shredded paper
  • Lightweight at 22.3 pounds to move from one room to another
  • Has caster wheels for transporting
  • Works quietly
  • Can destroy documents, CDs, credit cards and more
  • Helps prevent ID theft
  • Has a fast speed when tearing up hard to paper materials

Why Not Buy It

  • Does not have an auto-paper feeder and you need to do it manually

Customer Feedback

When reading the AmazonBasics 12-sheet Micro-Cut High Security Paper Shredder reviews, online customers are pleased with the product. The fact that you can use it in the office or home is an excellent reason to get one.

The consumers had no significant complaints with the noise and found the equipment fast when shredding documents.

Alternatively, users would have liked to have an auto-paper feeder with added safety measures as well.

The fantastic thing is the positive remarks are more than the negative ones. Some people would have liked to have a full bin indicator light but had no complaints about the shredder at all.

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Final Thoughts

The AmazonBasics micro-cut shredder is one of the best shredders available. With the micro-cut function, you can use it to destroy credit cards and DVDs into small pieces.

The designs compact to fit into the office or home and take up little space under the desk.

To make it even better the appliance received excellent reviews from more than two thousand customers online.

So if you need a fast and reliable shredder do not forget to check this one out, especially if you have many documents you need to destroy.