AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Micro Cut Cheap Paper Shredder Review

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Micro Cut Cheap Paper Shredder Review

The AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Micro Cut Cheap Paper Shredder is a decent choice if you do not need to shred often and still need high security. The machine is inexpensive, and you can use it to cut paper and credit cards but not CDs.

The power is not large enough for huge jobs but gets the job done. However, what more does it have to offer? Let us see!

The AmazonBasics Micro Cut Cheap Paper Shredder Design

As the name stipulates the AmazonBasics is a six-sheet paper shredder that can cut up credit cards as well. The capacity of the machine is low and does have a shrill noise.

When it comes to performance, it handles up to six sheets of paper relatively well. Some users mentioned they even put through eight sheet stacks through the feeder without the paper jamming.

The AmazonBasics Micro-Cut Cheap Paper Shredder Design (Custom)
The AmazonBasics Micro-Cut Cheap Paper Shredder Design

The shred cycle is three minutes, and with the micro-cut design, it cuts paper and credit cards into tiny bits. For the convenience of cleaning, it has a pull out bin.

Furthermore, there is no need of removing staples as it cuts through them saving you loads of time. For paper jams, it has a manual reverse and automatically shreds documents when the sensor detects anything in the feeder.

For speed, it may not be one of the best micro-cut shredders and cuts through 42 sheets per minute. However, it remains fast if you need small shredding jobs done at a time.

Ease of Use

For day-to-day use, the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder is ideal to use. You get a single switch to toggle it on or off. You also get the auto mode and reverse for paper jams.

Another benefit is the warning light to advise you when it is overheating.

There is a small plastic guard for protecting fingers from touching the blade. Alternatively, you do not need to place the credit cards through the same slot as it has one of its own.

You can easily remove the shredding head with the small handle. The waste bin has a capacity of 4.1-gallons suitable for small jobs.

There is a small window to see if the containers full and the equipment fit comfortably under a desk. The big problem is it makes a high pitch whine that can become irritating. However, it is bearable enough for small shredding jobs.

Main Features

  • Offers a high-security micro-cut for shredding personal and confidential documents to credit cards
  • Has a six-sheet capacity and cuts through staples
  • Comes with a built-in credit card slot
  • The bin capacity is 4.1-gallon with a transparent window and pulls out for cleaning
  • Has a manual reverse for paper jams
  • Made with a single switch operation to put on or off
  • The auto mode detects when the paper is in the feeder and starts shredding automatically
  • To prevent the fingers from touching the blade, it has a protective guard
  • Comes with an indicator warning light when the unit overheats
  • You can use it continuously for up to three minutes
  • Backed with a year warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Suitable for home use with an exceptional speed
  • Offers high security for destroying confidential documents and credit cards
  • No need of removing staples saving you time
  • Comes with auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty
  • Super easy to use
  • Compact and takes up little space
  • Affordable – Cheap Paper Shredder compare to others

Why Not Buy It

  • Has an annoying shrieking sound
  • Does not cut through CDs

Customer Feedback

Do you want a good shredder; look no further than the AmazonBasics Micro-Cut model. Even customers online agree and have excellent things to say.

For handling small jobs, it is perfect even with the sound being annoying. According to several customers, they have used it to shred newspaper, mail, cereal boxes and more.

However, we would not recommend you do this as it may void your guarantee. While it has a short run time removing the bin for cleaning is excellent.

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Micro Cut Cheap Paper Shredder Review 1

Final Thoughts

If you need a high-security cheap paper shredder to take care of shredding jobs at home, the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Micro-Cut unit is ideal. You can rid the house of cluttered paperwork and destroy credit cards at the same time.

The machines priced affordable and received excellent ratings in many of the best shredding reviews online.

Therefore, if you need to destroy shopping cards, financial documents, and more the micro-cut shredder will get the job done. Keeping the unit maintained is comfortable with the pullout bin.

To make the deal even better you get a dedicated slot to use with credit cards, and it informs you when overheating to prevent the motor from breaking.

Go check it out today and if you prefer a bigger model make sure to read our other Paper Shredder reviews here.