AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home & Office Use Review

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home & Office Use Review

AmazonBasics Cross cut shredder is one of the best cross cut paper shredder for smart users. These days one must be careful when cleaning out personal documents to prevent identity theft. To help prevent this from happening you need the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder to get the job done right the first time.

The little performers dependable for its speed, blades, and can handle small tasks at home. Do you have a limited budget? Are you satisfied to buy a standard crosscut level machine this is the one to have?

The Design of the AmazonBasics Cross Cut Shredder

If you do not have regular shredding jobs, the AmazonBasics shredder can handle the task. You can use the equipment to shred six sheets of paper at a time or discard credit cards.

The machine cuts strips measuring 7/32 x 1-27/32 inches in diagonal directions.

Further, the unit comes with smart and safety features to help reduce accidents and injuries. You get an auto-start with a manual reverse function if the paper is stuck.

The Design of the AmazonBasics Cross Cut Shredder (Custom)
The Design of the AmazonBasics Cross Cut Shredder

To prevent overheating it has an auto shut off feature. However, it does not shut off when touched and has paper slots measuring 8.7 inches to avoid injuries.

You can use the apparatus for up to two minutes and will need a cooling time of up to 30-minutes. If the machines not placed well on the bin, it will not operate.

The container is small, has a capacity of 3.8 gallons, and needs frequent emptying. Another benefit is you do not need to remove staples or clips as it can cut through anything.

How Does the Shredder Perform?

As a budget shredder, the AmazonBasics performs well for a household model. You can use it to work through moderate volumes of material.

There will be no problem as the unit handles six sheets of paper quickly. Another thing you may need to consider is that it is a crosscut model and not a micro-cut one.

You will not be able to place a thicker piece of the sheet through it and handles shredding credit cards well. For the small size, it scores well for speed as it logs 60 sheets per minute.

The equipment is comfortable to use and comes with a simple interface to turn it on and off. Alternatively, you can use it in auto mode and the units placed on top of the bin. Therefore, it is best not to hide it away where reaching for it is impossible.

Further, it does not come with a full bin indicator and can fill up quickly. Another annoying thing is the high-pitched sound a shredder makes and this one scores high on the list for making a racket. If you are not like to have cross cut paper shredding but looking for micro cut blade with the same brand and with the advance feature you can get it take a look for AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High Security Paper Shredder Review.

Main Features

  • Offers you secure shredding and cuts paper diagonally into strips. You can use it to shred sensitive documents to prevent ID theft.
  • The load capacity is six sheet of paper at a time and ideal for the home office.
  • Provides a credible waste system as it mixes and compresses the waste strips into a bin for disposal.
  • For safety, it has a reverse function to unclog the blades.
  • The shredders made with smart technology. You get an auto stop, auto start, and a safety lock mechanism, and manual reverse.
  • When the motor overheats, it shuts off automatically.
  • Has a crosscut design with 8-gallon bin and you do not need to remove the staples.
  • For cleaning, you need to remove the shredder from the bin.
  • You can use the machine to destroy credit cards but not CDs.
  • The appliance weighs 8.2 pounds and lightweight.
  • Dimension: 12.1×7.7×15 inches
  • Paper Slot: 8.7-inches
  • One-year Warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The AmazonBasics shredder you can buy at an affordable price
  • Made with automatic features
  • Has a lightweight construction and takes up little space
  • Easy to operate with a small paper slot preventing accidents
  • Cuts paper into small pieces
  • Can cut credit cards
  • Available with a one-year warranty

Why Not Buy It

  • Noisy compared to other cross-cut shredders in the same price range
  • Slower than other models and not made for shredding up more than six sheets of paper
  • The cross-cut knives need oiling occasionally

Customer Feedback

According to the majority of consumers, the shredder offers reasonable performance, but you will have to leave it to cool down after using for two minutes at a time.

The machine is reliable for cutting up a couple of pages and cuts through credit cards quickly. The only problem you will face is the loud noise.

You will need to make sure the knives oiled to keep it working all the time. Many users found the equipment innovative and help reduce ID theft.

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Final Thoughts

For one of the best shredding machines at an affordable price, you will not go wrong buying the AmazonBasics Paper and Credit Card Shredder. While the noise factor is high, people love the overall performance of the device.

For the small office or average home, you get the power needed to work through old documents quickly. The smart features used offer credible disposal of papers to prevent identity theft from taking place. So prevent blackmail today!

Alternatively, do not wait to find out you have spent thousands on a leather jacket you did not buy—get a shredder for your home and office today.


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