AmazonBasics: 17 Sheet High-Security Micro Cut Shredder

AmazonBasics 17 Sheet High-Security Micro Cut Shredder Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder Review

Do you need to do heavy-duty shredding in the best secure way?

You can achieve this with the AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder made for small offices and busy home offices. The price is low, and it can shred plastic cards to optical discs as well.

You can quickly destroy up to 20-sheets of paper at once, and the basket capacity is excellent. However, is this all that the machine can do? Let us look at what the equipment has to offer.

AmazonBasics: 17 Sheet High-Security Micro Cut Shredder 1
AmazonBasics 17 Sheet High Security Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Design of the AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

The shredder chews paper up all at once and is the best choice for any home office or a workgroup. Compared to using crosscut models the micro cut knives cut up documents into small pieces that are difficult to put together.

The unit is on the large size and comes with a manual feed.

The shredder has a black color with silver trim and measures 26.2-inches high by 16.3-inches wide with a depth of 11.9-inches.

Design of the AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder (Custom)
Design of the AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

The floor-standing construction with four casters makes it easy to move from one room to another. At the base is a pullout basket and you can see how full it is with the small window in the front?

Further, it has a nine-inch feed slot to shred discs and letter-sized paper. The slot is protected with a metal strip and the documents fed through at an angle instead of straight down.

At the back is a power button, switch for automatic shredding, and reverse. The basket capacity is 7-gallons, and with the drawer, it makes it useful for removing waste paper.

On the other hand, one thing not mentioned with the unit is the fact that you can use shredder bags with it. On the top front of the bin is a hook on each side to use the carrier.

Ease of Use

Using the machines is a breeze and the average speed when feeding one piece of paper through the slot is 9.2 feet per minute.

Furthermore, it has no problem chewing up 17-sheet at once but does get a bit slower when feeding through 20-sheets. The equipment will jam up when you try to feed through more than 20-sheets of paper at the same time.

Luckily, the reverse mode works well, and you can use the piece of equipment for up to 20-minutes before it needs a cooling down of 50-minutes.

You can use the AmazonBasics shredder to snip up living wills, social security cards, and more to help safeguard your identity.

You will have no problem with the autostart to feed through the paper once placed in the slot and if it is stuck the manual reverse options there to help.

The unit is quiet compared to other micro-cut shredders, and the basket does not need constant emptying.

The biggest problem is emptying the bin, as you cannot do it without a mess. Unfortunately, the basket pulls out straight, and you will find handfuls of paper falling out and end up on the floor.

Another problem you may face is the inner lip and prevents the article from sliding out when clearing it out.

The feed slot is narrow, and you need to be precise when feeding the paper through the unit.

To keep the machine maintained you will need to oil it monthly and comes with a standard door open/overheat/overload/power-on LEDs. The equipment shuts off after five minutes to save energy as well. You can also check this AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High-Security Paper Shredder Review

Main Features:

  • Made with a micro-cut blade to shred up the paper, plastic cards, and CDs
  • Has a 17-sheet capacity and you do not need to remove the staples
  • Destroys discs when fed through one at a time
  • Comes with an auto start and manual reverse
  • The pull out bin has a capacity of 7-gallons with a viewing window
  • Free-standing design with four casters for maneuverability
  • Can use it continuously for up to 20-minutes and needs to cool down for 50-minutes
  • Measure 26.2-inches (H) x 16.3-inches (W) x 11.9-inches (D)
  • One-year Warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Can shred several pages quickly
  • Has a colossal wastebasket of 7-gallons
  • The basket pulls out for cleaning
  • Can use it to destroy CDs and credit cards
  • Has auto start with manual reverse
  • Works quietly

Why Not Buy

  • While it does have a pullout basket, you still end up with a shredded paper on the floor when cleaning
  • Takes up space if you have a small office
  • Has no separate slot for destroying cards or discs

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the AmazonBasics Micro Cut Shredder reviews, customers are more than pleased with the product. Users found the machine fantastic to use. The packaging is excellent, and it comes with the wheels installed.

Furthermore, the shredder works as described and shreds up documents and discs easily. Using the machine is simple, and the fact they could only turn it on and place the paper in the slot is reassuring and safe to use.

Another thing customer’s love is the auto-shutoff function to prevent the unit from overheating. Overall, clients have good things to say about the shredder.

AmazonBasics: 17 Sheet High-Security Micro Cut Shredder 2

Final Thoughts

The AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder offers you some brilliant features to ensure your documents ripped to bits. You can shred multiple pages at a time and use it to destroy credit cards and discs.

With the pull out bin, auto mode, manual reverse, and auto shutoff you get a durable machine that saves power and helps prevent identity theft.

The price is excellent, and the wastebasket can hold enough shredded paper. With the capacity, there is no need to empty it continuously.

So if you need an affordable office machine to help work through piles of old documents make sure to check this model out today. Alternatively, you can look at our other paper shredders reviewed here.