Amazon Basics Shredder: Powerful 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Amazon Basics Shredder: 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Review

Amazon Basics Shredder: Powerful 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder 1
Amazon Basics Shredder: 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Do you need the king of all shredders for a budget price? Look at the Amazon Basics Shredder 15-sheet crosscut paper shredder available here.

You can use it to rip paper, credit cards, and discs. Whether it is for personal use or destroying confidential documents, this machine will serve you well.

The units powerful and turns articles into strips of 3/16-inches by 1-7/32-inches. However, this is not the only thing it can do; it offers you loads of features—let us look at them closer.

Amazon Basics Shredder 15-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder

With the shredder, you can shred fifteen sheets of paper simultaneously. On the other hand, it can rip through plastic cards and CDs at the same time.

These features are beneficial as it helps you to rid of clutter in the home that is recyclable. The medium duty machine prevents ID theft as you can dispose of sensitive documents at home.

Design of the Amazon Basics Shredder 15-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (Custom)
Design of the Amazon Basics Shredder 15-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

You can shred up to 800 pieces of paper a day as it has a 6-gallon bin that is easy to remove and clean. There is no concern of the equipment burning out as it has a ShredSafe function and powers off automatically.

You get a security level P-4 and can use it for 20 minutes continuously.

LED indicators are displaying the standby time, overheat, overload, door open, and a bin full. The huge pullout basket is easy to pull out, and it comes with casters included.

AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Main Features:

  • Has a crosscut design to shred paper up to 5/32″ x 1-7/32″

  • Made with a security level P4 and works 20-minutes continuously

  • Comes with overheat and overload protection

  • You can feed through fifteen sheets of paper at once

  • Made with a 6-gallon wastebasket

  • You get a constant indication if the machine is in standby, overheating, overloaded, the door is open, or the bin is full

  • The waste bin has a viewing window with a handle to pull-out

  • Has a four-mode button to use for switching on, auto, off, reverse, and forward

  • Has one slot to use with different items

  • One-year Warranty

Ease of Use

Nothing comes simpler to set up than the AmazonBasics crosscut shredder. You only need to attach the wheels and power it on. There is a four-mode switch to switch it on, use it in auto/forward, or reverse for paper jams.

You can even use it to destroy staples and paper clips leaving you with more time to shred and get the job done. The noise level is 66 to 68 dB, and the basket has a window to view the status of paper on the inside. Further, you get a year warranty included. You can also check AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Micro Cut High-Security Paper Shredder Review.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Works quiet
  • Shreds paper into small sizes
  • The feeding slot is not extensive to get your fingers shredded
  • Can use it with a shredder bag
  • Works fast
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Why Not Buy

  • Paper sticks to the cogs at the exit of the machine and is messy
  • The bin does not close easily after opened

Customer Feedback

Overall, the shredder is excellent to use in a medium sized office. However, if you do not believe us, you can always check the AmazonBasics 15-sheet crosscut shredder reviews.

Consumers mention the excellent value and quietness of the machine.

Furthermore, they love the inexpensive price and small size it shreds. Users found they had no problem feeding through a stack of 15-sheets, but does slow down if you do tear more at once.

The fact that it provides a high level of security to destroy credit cards and CDs is fantastic as it helps keep their ID under wraps.

Amazon Basics Shredder: Powerful 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder 2

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Basics Shredder offers you secure shredding with excellent safety features. You have an auto feed with continuous reverse and can use it with a forward function if needed.

On the rear of the basket are rollers that fit into the tracks and keep it in a straight line when pulled out. The viewing window is large enabling you to check if the basket is full while the indicator light is also a great indicator.

So if you want a low noise level machine to shred paper and more make sure to get you this model. A user guide will be more helpful if you are interested in more specifications and technical details.

Common Questions of our Readers

  • Does this shredder come with lubricant?

No, this shredder does not come with the lubricant. But it is really easy to oil it. You can buy paper shredder oil or lubricant sheet to oil your this shredder.

  • Can I use Vegetable Oil as a shredder lubricant?

Yes, you can use Vegetable oil as a lubricant to lubricate your shredder. Another tip is that you can take a couple of sheets and drip some vegetable oil on it. Let it soak for a while. After that shred that sheets in the shredder. By this why you can lubricate your shredder very easily and effectively.

  • Which should I buy? 15 – sheet cross-cut shredder or 12 – sheet micro-cut shredder

AmazonBasics 15-sheet cross-cut shredder comes with P-4 level security cut. Which considered as very secured shredding. If you are using it for general purpose for home or small business, you don’t have to worry about security. I would suggest for higher sheets like 15-sheets or more in a cross-cut shredder for fast shredding and lower maintenance problem.

  • What are the dimensions of this shredders?

AmazonBasics Shredder 15-sheets cross-cut shredder comes in 11 x 14.4 x 20.9 inches dimensions and its weight is 22 Pounds.

  • Do I need to remove staples before recycling paper?

No need to remove Staples, bulldog clips, paper clips, treasury tags or other metal stationery which keeping papers together. You can shred papers without any pre-treatment. One by one sheet shredding is a time-consuming process. It may also lead to a risk of a data breach.  AmazonBasics 15-sheet cross-cut Paper Shredder is powerful enough to shred papers with staples, bulldog clips, paper clips, treasury tags or other metal stationery.

  • Is it easy to empty? Does shredded paper get everywhere?

Yes, it is very easy to empty this shredder. And don’t worry about shredded papers all are stays in bin.

  • What is the power requirements 110volts or 220volts?

It requires 11volts.

  • Can I shred the cardboard in this shredder? 

It depends on the thickness of the cardboard. But it is not recommended because this shredder is not made to shred cardboard, although it has 15 sheet shredding capacity